Don’t drink and do that dark side thing

The day after yesterday, I finally got up the gumption to go and see Sideways with Art.

Wonderful wonderful.

If I was good at picking favorites, this would be there.

From the beginning titles I knew I was in for a treat, where the story and characters would win out over snazzy effects or big names and the budgets they require.

A side effect from this flick is the intrigue about wine. I’m not sure that I’ll ever “get it” — but I think I can appreciate it more. Armed with this knowledge, my brief tour of wineries in Northern CA this past summer would have, oh it would have been the same, but there’d have been a common frame of knowledge to build upon. Maybe I would’ve stuck my honker in the glass with no reservations.

I don’t think I can make this entry as long as the photo or wonderfully written as a review of alcohol.

It was good.