This would be pursed contempt

I went and saw Closer yesterday. I’m really not sure what to write about the movie.

I think Julia Roberts has three expressions:

– All teeth (happy),
– Bambi eyes—after mom was shot (not happy)
– Drawn (pursed/contempt).

This is of course, two more emotions than Andie MacDowell can express.

Perhaps it was the disorienting lapses in time—turning to my mom in hushed movie whisper, “So, um, they are married now?”

Okay, so they cut out the unnecessary bits, and just skipped right to the sparky and painful parts. I think if I was feeling a bit more jaded that day, I would’ve lapped it up.

It all just seemed so, unnecessary. These folks need to look into polygamy and stop using the Bambi eyes so much. And Queen Amidala needs to lay off the eyebrow plucking for a while.

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