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November 19, 2004


Chicks with guitars (and a fella on drums)

(from last week) There's a pattern here, with all these photo sessions of in-studio performances punctuating a day or two of each week. This will slow down as the holidays approach. It's been an added benefit of working on the website for a streaming music station.

On the 18th, was Palomar— an indie rock group hailing from Brooklyn. They were breezing through town opening up for Luna.

I felt sorta guerilla setting up the tripod—wondering if there should be some fair warning that photos would be taken. One of the girls put on lip gloss.

That night, I got a complimentary ticket to their show and was glad I could hear them proper. (While on air everyone had headphones on for the vocal mix, so I just heard the instruments). Even better, after the show, they were super friendly and chatty and I scored a free t-shirt that sports "My Girlfriend is in Palomar."

Here's a video for their single "Albacore" in quicktime format.

The t-shirt will be cherished.

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thanks for the photos. any more?

Posted by: dwm | Dec 10, 2004 11:36:13 PM

thanks for the photos. any more?

Posted by: dwm | Dec 10, 2004 11:35:46 PM

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