I heart Lily Tomlin

But I don’t necessarily Huckabees

Movie with mom and brother this afternoon. Stale popcorn at the Esquire and a film that generally left me wanting. I won’t say this flick is bad, but it certainly doesn’t require the big screen to be appreciated.

The graphic treatment of the posters and trailer sold me. But they didn’t pull it through as well as the Futura world of The Royal Tennenbaums.

Schade… suckered by marketing and the allure of a great cast.

I will say this however, every time Lily Tomlin was on-screen, I got giddy. There’s something just mischievous about her grin that makes me wish she was in more movies.

One response to “I heart Lily Tomlin”

  1. Naz Avatar

    I didn’t quite like it either – I was impressed and excited by the art direction (and am pleased that movies these days are having much better and more interesting art direction) and the trailer looked really good, but it seemed that it was one of those movies where the trailer was actually better than the movie. I felt like it lacked a real conclusion and felt like it was a bit of a cop-out.