KY > IN > IL > MO

Okay, that’s funny

On the way to St. Louis, I get a call from Jim that if I alter my path, I can meet up with him and his at a little afternoon soiree out in Illinois, hosted by the freshly haircutted Kevin.

Sat under the evening lit trees in a circle of lawn chairs going around and socializing. Real nice to meet Kevin and see Hoss again. I didn’t get to root around their house as much as I normally do. Heck, I didn’t even open the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. But I did my best impression of a vulture around the snacks in the kitchen.

Back to the three bears house, we settled in for an evening of videogames, wurst, and Elise, who just turned 27 the day before. We sat around the plywood table while she opened up gifts wrapped in man porn and other meats.

I was drunk with happiness and went down first, twisting myself into the loveseat.

One response to “KY > IN > IL > MO”

  1. Onajide Avatar

    Gawd, your legs are too long to sleep on that, even if you were drunk! *wink*