My first brush with Kirsten Dunst of the day

I wonder when I’ll get arrested for taking photos in theatres

The best thing about Spiderman 2 was escaping the sweat-inducing humidity that’s swept over the Ohio valley.

What an awful movie.

Art summed it up best when saying, “I’m so glad that car came through the window as Peter and Mary were at the cafe. I’m glad because I couldn’t bear any more of their conversation.” He thought the film was like a soap opera, but without resolution… Just a series of sad-sack scenes all glommed together.

The whole flick was just… SORRY.

Tobey Maguire’s eyes were bloodshot the entire film as he was always on the verge of tears.

I’m so embarrassed for falling prey to the blockbuster bug. I liked the first movie, really. I was just hoping for some fun visuals and giddyup. In fact, I think my whole view of Hero vs. Badguy is tainted. Tragic accident + flimsy motivation + fight + personal struggle + fight + big fight in some abandoned place + credits.


Sorry Kirsten, you are pretty and all, but that doesn’t make me feel better for forking over 7 bucks. No wonder you won’t commit to any more of these schlockfests after the third is out the Hollywood pooper.