Iron & Wine

As pretty as he sounds

After Spiderman, a motorcycle rally in Northern Kentucky, and vittles at a greasy spoon, Art and I headed south to Louisville for an evening of Iron and Wine.

We happened upon Bob and Ed bellied up at the bar of the small venue that didn’t seem to have an air-conditioner.

It lent a steamy vibe to a night complete with star sightings. First it was Orlando Bloom. Who, I said? Ed schooled me on his films. I never woulda guessed he was the fair haired elven fella from Lord of the Rings.

Kirsten Dunst was next, and she is what I’d call, “almost nipple high.” Such a tiny girl, but super pretty.

Apparently they are shooting a film down the road a piece with Cameron Crowe at the helm. He arrived a bit later, with his wife Nancy Wilson from Heart in tow.

All this activity while Samuel Beam of Iron and Wine walked around all friendly-like, smoking his cigarettes and drinking his water. When he finally got onstage, it was a battle to hear his soft voice over the brouhaha of the folks by the pool tables ogling the famous. It was almost exasperating, but Sam and his band made sweet love to the crowd up front.