Overlooking the “backyard”
Photo by Erik

Headed up north ’bout 5 hours on Sunday to visit with a friend of Erik’s and check out the scenery. The drive was nicely complimented by an iPod, the Butchies album we picked up and good conversation.

As the highway turned into backroads and the valley turned into mountainous hills, the notes of Dueling Banjos seeped into my mind perhaps.

Then we got to his friend’s house, which has this cozy meandering arts and crafts quality. The attention to how the place integrates into the environment is phenomenal.

Dinner out on the back patio afforded a view fit for painting.

After a meal of grilled salmon and tasty vegetarian side dishes, bottles of wine and much belly laughter, I staggered up a few steps to an outdoor bed and wondered if I was dreaming awake. This was all too good.

The next morning, I peeked from under the covers to sunlight dripping through leaves and the sounds of birds chirping. My nose was cold like a dogs and I noted how I could breathe out both my nostrils.

*inhaling deeply*