Sky Chair

Erik hanging out

Our last day up north and we spent time exploring the ponds, buildings, gardens and creeks of the area. This is where I sustained most of my damage, which is all healing up quite nicely.

Anytime a cut scabs over, or a bruise starts to fade, I remind myself how my body is doing a good job. It’s those little inner positive dialogs that make me feel okay when I drink a Coke.

Tangent: I’m amazed at how a self-sustaining household can be a reality.

Recycling is nothing compared to what folks are doing outside of my worldview. Off the grid, water from wells, attention to waste and refuse. Just this efficiency that reminds me very much of Europe. It’s beautiful.

Lots of activity was going on around the place as a new well was being set up and solar panels were going in. We spent some time in the sky chairs breathing in one last look, then headed home.

The five hours flew right by with a fully charged iPod packed with everything from Patty Griffin to Triumph.