IHOP Palm Springs

Me and June, the hostess

The last day in Palm Springs was spent driving around the “old” part of town looking for kitsch. It’s there, I’m sure, just hidden behind the new boring fancy developments.

I’m not sure I could live here. It’s just too dang hot, and the idea that without man’s intervention, this place would be devoid of green sorta tweaks my sensibilities.

As for a quick getaway to sit next to a pool and soak in the sun, it gets high marks.

Instead of the country diner that looked mom and poppy, we decided to eat at IHOP since we have none here in the Greater Cincinnati area. Still to this day, I’ll sample every syrup and just pour enough on the pancakes for a bite or two, then switch.

Our hostess June with the fantastic Liz Claiborne frames, neck kerchief and leather vest was the best part of our brief tour. We traded e-mails and I hope we become fast friends, or slow ones. It’s all good.