Rockin’ the Southgate House

I met up with a couple friends last night to check out a band I had never heard. These guys both have excellent taste in music, and with the description “The Pixies + XTC” — I was sold.

I don’t think the comparison was intended to be dead-on, but I can guess that if you like those two groups, you might also enjoy this one.

Sometimes it’s great to be introduced to a band from a live show. This was the case with stellastarr* and their fancy name with asterisk.

I mused at the crowd. They were relatively subdued until the band played their single from the music television. Everyone started pumping fists and jumping up and down. Strange— all the music had a similar vein of rhythm.

At one point, I had to regain my concert-going zen when I payed too much attention to threesome beside us, enjoying their drinks and petting each other’s hair, their backs to the band, chatting away with the occasional snort and coo.

They did of course, stop their banter and hip-bump to the single.

Lasting impression though, is that I like this band, and will buy their album to hear what it sounds like mixed down.