Damien Rice & The Frames

A handmade tote I picked up
(If memory serves, it’s not canvas, but muslin)

Found free parking and a scalper’s ticket within the space of 15 minutes after making my decision to go out and catch Damien Rice perform tonight.

As I entered Bogarts, The Frames were just at the start of their opening set, and like Damien, these folks hail from Ireland.

I’d never heard them before, but once the chords from their cover of the Pixies “Where is My Mind” broke in, all the way up until the spooky, echoey “ooooo ooooo” at the end, I was smitten.

And aside from a Willy Wonka song, everything else was original music. So moving I picked up every CD they had at the merch table.

As the stage was cleared in between sets I reminded myself how nice it is to be super tall. My view was un-obscured and I could hang back by the mixing boards with a great vantage.

Yay freakish height.

Damien Rice opened with “Delicate,” (my favourite song) sporting a mohawk, accompanied by a cellist, bass and drums.

His set twittered between acoustic and full-out rock and every moment was enjoyable. One of the better shows I’ve seen in my years with a just the right bit of melancholy and spirit lifting.