I tend to like all my boxes to match, but I am pleased that they are at least manageable, easy-to-carry sizes.

Spent the weekend packing.

I have more chapstick than a checkout aisle at the supermarket.
I have matchbooks galore, and the tea lights to go with them.

Every room had at least one pair of sunglasses.

I have love notes from elementary school.
Books I will never read.
Books I have read and will never reference.

I have a whole laundry basket of socks with no mate.
I have plaid shirts.
Lots of them.

I have 6 rolls of craft paper.
I have more bowls than a headshop.
Silverware still in the box.

I have all this lotion, but my hands are always cracked.

Remotes to VCRs long gone.

What I want to keep, or sort through later, was packed in these boxes.

Everything else went to family or the curb.