Take a good look, it will never be this clean again

Moving day was a workout. Even though I hired professionals for the heavy lifting, I managed to create aches in my hands and legs by toting boxes up and down the steps.

Some big pieces couldn’t fit in the door through the alley, so the wardrobe (that acted as a media center,) and the big couch I grew to love, had to be left behind.

I sit here now, with most everything put away, and I feel pleased and exhausted.

Much simpler arrangement of living space, with lots fewer things.

My brother babysat the cableman yesterday as I spent the day getting my Dad to treatment. (He can move his left arm a little bit, yay). I returned to find more channels than I care to mention, and high-speed net.

After some noodling, I programmed Ellen* into the built-in DVR to record daily (Prince will be on today, I read) – but other than that, I have no idea what to record. Any suggestions would be appreciated.t

I promptly turned the TV off and surfed.

* the site intro is kind of funny, click it in the lower left if you go there