I’m worth more than Britney

Fine, I’ll drink it.

I am a Coke guy.

It’s just a preference.

I have no ill feelings toward the Pepsi Generation.

But I will give Pepsi (and/or Apple) credit. They created a campaign that will make me, at least temporarily, drink their engine cleaning solution.

I consider this a very relevant and powerful campaign. And frankly, why spend millions on Britney or Beyoncé when a company could invest that money directly to me, the customer.

I’ve never typed in a code from a bottle cap on the internet before today.

I hope this is a harbinger for advertising of the future.

One response to “I’m worth more than Britney”

  1. Gorkem Avatar

    Nobody can be worth more than Britney.. she’s the best.. she’s the icon.. she’s the millennium legend.. she rules..