Float on

This picture looks fake

The day started in Columbus and it was a better day. I sped back to Cincy for an appointment, ate Chipotle with a book.

Picked up the local free press – there’s a lead story about the community I’m moving into, how diverse and up-and-coming it is…

I got the key for my new digs. Mom and bro came over, took measurements for blinds. A fret – my couch. The entry is in an alley, and it opens directly into a stairwell wall. *feh*

I bought the new Modest Mouse song with a Pepsi cap. Their new single has a rowdy drunken fist waving swagger with a yelp vibe – it has entered high rotation on my personal chart.

I’m not sleepy right now. Luckily I found the Tylenol PM from the European trip.

That pretty much sums up the day. Oh, other than, I feel like a product of consumerism as well as an insomniac.