Business, buttons, bottle caps and boxes.

Geek tip: To make a heart in HTML, simply type & h e a r t s ; (without spaces)

Work up north started off a little rough today, it’s odd how absence makes the ♥ less fonder. I was getting a little upset and I regained some zen, putting things into perspective, trying to understand the real issues. Some regrouping of goals and prioritizing was in order.

I’m continually amazed though, how quick things change. How expectations shift. How business tends to linger on the negatives, instead of positives.

The upswing was a moment when Alex shared a button her husband gave her. It lightened my mood (and allowed me to check off the mental to-do of taking an image to capture the day.)

I stopped by a convenience store on the way to my hotel and picked up two PepsiĀ®s, making sure to tilt the bottle and ensure I had winners for songs on iTunes.

This weekend, I pack. Monday, I move.

Good thing the new place has a tub, I’m getting me a big box of Calgon.