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December 08, 2003

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye


It's been three wonderful years, but the leased life of the Land Rover is at an end.

Saying goodbye is never easy, especially with such a solid companion for over 50,000 miles. But frankly, I can't justify the ultra-fine interior with the feeling of unease I have at highway speeds. I can't justify the clean boxy lines with the dent in my pocketbook every time I fill up the tank. And lastly, removing this payment from the budget will allow me to work less. And like the hokey pokey, that is what it is all about.

I emptied the contents of the gas-hog and peeled off the Bear Pride and Switzerland flags this overcast afternoon.

I should get a boombox and play taps when I part ways for good with Ol' Salty (The Vehicle Identification Number started with SALTY, even though none of those characters are numbers). Just a detail and inspection left. Perhaps I can do a little roadtrip this weekend and see him off proper.

I'm a touch verklempt.

This isn't really about becoming post-bear, it's about letting a vehicle go back to its home.

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