Listening to the Prince of Puke

Plus a star sighting: Bruce Vilanch! (Worst photo ever)

Last night – an evening with Wendy, Tom and Anne. They had a spare ticket to hear John Waters talk about his work and the musical Hairspray.

The theater was largely empty and we picked seats comfortably away from others, but within good viewing distance of the stage.

Waters was oddly personable. He shared the stage with the creative team behind the musical – Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman. (Shaiman was the mastermind who helped compose the ditties on Southpark: Bigger, Longer, Uncut). He was a stocky bundle of energy, peppering the night with bits of song at the piano. Wittman was the dry wit who seemed to be searching for a martini.

After listening to everyone speak about the musical, how it came to be, and other projects on tap, I was thoroughly flush with laughter. I had not planned to see Hairspray, but after hearing what other people have said and learning about the message and process, I am making a point of it.

Oh yeah, Anne is the celebrity spotter and pointed out Bruce Vilanch in the lobby (he plays Divine’s part and was there with the rest of the cast).

Every time I go out with this crew and we go to the theater, I feel hopeful and excited. Giddy and alive.

Another highlight was dinner, where I told tawdry tales of european bear runs, backrooms and bathhouses. Conversely, I caught up with everyone on the things that can happen in two weeks absence (which is actually, quite a lot).