Gray day

Along the route between Columbus and Cincinnati

The sky was dull like weathered clapboard on a farmhouse. This is the part of the year I used to dread the most, the gray skies.

I don’t seem to notice them as much anymore. It’s like I’m on some anti-depressant that spaces me out. My eyes gaze toward an unknown horizon and I ponder. I can’t attribute this to pharmaceuticals though.

Seems like there are many things to keep me occupied. All the travel from work and fun makes evenings at home all the better. I relish spare time.

*Shrug* I dunno. Maybe I am reaching.

Some days, there just isn’t much to report.

One response to “Gray day”

  1. Sotttoida Avatar

    Heh. Nice. Do you approve of my quiet pavement Good joke 🙂 Did you hear about the two silkworms that had a race? It ended up in a tie.