Shoe found

Solid, dependable, resoled many times.

The shoe was under a pillowcase at the edge of my bed. I was folding laundry, picking out stuff for Goodwill, and found it.

Do I feel better? Yes. I hate the nagging feeling of something lost.

These were my Dad’s workshoes in the 70’s. I asked if I could have them as I left for college ’cause I thought they were so cool. He had a new pair he was breaking in and they became mine.

I’ve had them resoled a few times, bought countless laces, and wear them proudly. This was the height of Doc Martens, so my inner individualist was satisfied. They’re timeless and I hate to think of the day I have to retire them for good.

Like I should have with 501s, whenever I see things I really like these days, I stockpile them:

  • Olive Oil soap
  • Blank white CD-Rs
  • Those Steve Maddens that look like soccer shoes
  • That over-the-shoulder satchel from the Yak Pak store (heavily discounted)
  • The ginger dressing I found at the market

I have multiples of all these things, just waiting in the wings, ready to combat the advancement of design that will surely drive me bonkers.