Boring patterns

What to wear today, brown, tan, beige or taupe…

So I’m hanging up shirts from the wash, starting to make a mental list of all the things I need to pack for upcoming trips: first to Kansas City, then to Europe.

In between, I need to make pitstops in Columbus for work.

This harried schedule doesn’t bother me at all, but something else is – and I’m having a whale of a time trying to put my finger on it.

I’m feeling… inept.

Not sure why that word seems right, but I assume it’s just a natural vibe I will shake.

I find myself digging into projects to help combat the blues:

  • Work of course, has it’s share, but I really try to limit that to work hours. I have bought a few books about designing with standards that I’m hoping to get through. The new Photoshop has some nice features and productivity enhancements I’d also like to get a handle on.
  • Christmas is coming, and I tend to make a few gifts, so that is lingering with lists yet completed.
  • Site Update I’m trying desperately to get my photos from my LAST trip posted, to no avail. I’ve cropped and titled 150 pictures out of 1100.
  • Consolating Some videogames are getting sorely neglected, the least of my worries.
  • Organize I can’t find one of my favorite shoes. I’ve lost just one of the pair. This makes me want to clean out closets and get sweaters from the basement pulled out for winter. Then, I’d like everything to be in it’s place. Ordered and folded. How do you lose ONE shoe?

These “projects” seem to skirt the funk. But maybe that’s all I need to do. The valleys are always followed by peaks. This is one pattern on which I can rely.

If only I could play twenty questions with myself and figure out what it is and move on.

Link of the day 20 Questions Think of an object and the A.I. will try to figure-out what you are thinking by asking simple questions. (Thanks to Wendy for the link)

Oh yeah, please don’t comment about my funk. I’m very sensitive about it.
Instead, think of a naughty word when playing 20 questions.