Man, can I take a picture of your hair?

He said, “Sure.”

I went to the Artspace in Kansas City to see Art’s opening with the Charlotte Street Fund on Friday. His collection of photographs were in their own room while the rest of the gallery was devoted to the other 6 painters, sculptors, and graffiti artists awarded grants.

I don’t often go to openings, so I wasn’t prepared for what to expect. What should I wear? I asked. Art told me I could wear my suspenders and jeans if I wanted to.


So we got there and chatted briefly with his parents and made our way to the beer after a quick tour of his photos. It was nice to meet his rep who didn’t even try to hit me up for buying one of his prints.

The crowd was cool and mixed. One lady, in a cowboy hat and sunglasses was three sheets to the wind and I enjoyed watching her. There’s only two reasons to wear sunglasses to a museum or a bar:

1.) You’re blind. or
2.) You’re an asshole

I think she was the latter, albeit a fun-to-watch asshole. I think she got kicked out for doing too many drugs upstairs, Art says that this colors the evening inappropriately. He doesn’t think drugs were involved.

Got to meet some of the nice folks that work with Art and talked to a handful of people I didn’t know just for the heck of it.

This one kid with frizzed out afro-like hair was not shy about my request to document his head.

A good opening, and in suspenders no less.