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November 17, 2003

Back in one piece

Pondering the Serra

Between the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts and the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis stands this spiral steel sculpture by Richard Serra. I was hesitant to like it, but once I wound through the metal walls and lost my sense of balance and felt the heat brush against me like a ghost, I decided it was nice.

I'm picky about big rusting pieces of metal guised as art. A junkyard is infinitely interesting. However, simplicity can be arresting and in this case, it works.

Like a donut, my weekend in St. Louis was tasty - bookended by a trip to Kansas City to see Art's photography at an opening. Sadly, I've little time to recount as I hop on a plane for Amsterdam in t-minus 49 hours.

Work. Work. Clean. Pack. Woosh.

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