Arts and crafts day

I’m sticky.

A while back, I took everything off the wall around my desk in order to try my hand at decoupage.

Variant(s): or dé·cou·page /”dA-(“)kü-‘päzh/
Function: noun
Etymology: French découpage, literally, act of cutting out, from Middle French, from decouper to cut out, from de– + couper to cut
Date: 1946
1 : the art of decorating surfaces by applying cutouts (as of paper) and then coating with usually several layers of finish (as lacquer or varnish)

So I gathered some scissors, a canvas, paintbrush and some Mod Podge (pretty much it’s an Elmers Glue variant).

I’ve learned some things. First of all, a hard surface would have been very prudent. Duh. Air bubbles are killing me. But with my wabi-sabi attitude, I’m letting those imperfections go and chalking up the experience. Tomorrow, I’ll add the antique varnish and see if that helps disguise the flaws.

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Next week: Macramé!