Top 10 reasons why I am glad I am home:

It’s all good. It’s better than that.

10. Hills. It’s not anywhere near as flat as western Kansas.

9. Blockbusters. I don’t feel guilty seeing crappy summer movies. Anytime as a tourist, I feel like these sort of shenanigans should be reserved for home.

8. Fall is near. Missed most of the humid season.

7. The cost of living. I need a little more cheapness, please.

6. Work. There is work to be done. I need some sense of purpose, else I get freaked.

5. Hobbys. Better than work is having something to learn, to explore. No-pressure tangents are begging for the silkscreen press to be mastered.

4. Beer. Mmmm, Beer. The bartender greets me with, “Bud, Sir?” (Admittedly, “Fat Tire Loft Beer, Sir? Would be a tad nicer)

3. Yummy vittles. I have had _the_ best homemade meals in the past week. Last night: (Pictured to the right) Tuna steaks with cumin and some sauce that could never live in bottle, (mental note: find out what that side dish was called), and this apple pie like thing that was better than chocolate.

2. Folks. I’m lucky that I have a diverse group of friends and family all around me. One pictured above I have known for 13 years, the other, for about 4 1/2 months.

1. Sleep. Glorious sleep.