Ho Ho Hos

Bonus Body

I was getting a bag of Tato Skins out of a vending machine at the hotel tonight. As they tumbled down, the bag knocked loose some Ho-Hos.

I got free Ho-Hos.

I don’t think this has ever happened to me in my entire life.

Not to come off as this overly optimistic person, there’s always some dark current running underground with me.

The Tato Skins were my “dinner” after I went out to the bar in Columbus.

I got totally drunk, a thing I can’t plan on and do rarely.

The circumstance this particular evening was the fact that i could stagger home and not require manning a vehicle.

It was humid, and the garage door to the outside patio was closed. In lieu of conversation, I drank the 1 dollar beers.

Apart from copping a fine buzz, I successfully maintained my sex-free lifestyle, incredibly low self image and continual scrutiny of bar sociology.

I got no solace as the attentive listener, goofy guy, or smart-ass.

I would have gone to bed with an empty feeling if it wasn’t for those Ho-Hos.