Can’t Stop the Music, er, um – Rain

Dueling Wreaths

So it rained. It rained lots. Over 13 inches fell over the weekend. For a region that hadn’t had anything to speak of for two months, the ground wasn’t ready to soak it all up. Flash flooding peppered the local news reports as Art and I looked outside and pondered the rodeo.

We’d go down the hallway to see if the car had washed away yet. On one trip, I spotted the Dueling Wreaths.

If I lived there, I would make a very fancy wreath, perhaps with electric lights.

Speaking of fancy, we watched “Can’t Stop the Music” and “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die.” A bad movie festival complete with whiskey to soften the poor continuity and plotholes. (How on earth a decapitated car accident victim can hand a deranged doctor boyfriend her own severed head, we dunno)

All in all, very fun movies that seemed entirely appropriate since the grocery is already pushing the candy corn.

Time to put out the Halloween wreaths.

I need to think of a costume, and then, someplace to wear it.