The fourth in Lander Wyoming

Waving as the cars go by…
Photo courtesy of Brad

I got to Lander in time to catch the tail end of the parade. I hiked up and down the street, looking for familiar faces to no avail. Lots of kids chasing firetrucks getting doused with water. Tractors zipping this way and that. Lots of cowboy hats. Seems like this town of almost 7,000 enjoys their Independence Day celebration.

I grabbed a beer at the Lander Bar and scanned the crowd. No luck. I took my budwieser and poured it in a traveler. This is the one day you can walk the streets with alcohol.

Headed back toward my friend Brad’s house where I had parked the truck. Gabi, G.W. and Sara were there. Apparently Brad went out to find me and would be back shortly. We pulled chairs out on the back and caught up, pondered the options for the afternoon and evening.

At this point we were all hungry and went back to the Lander Bar and ordered grub from the Gannett Grill.

We left after that and wandered over to Byron’s Monking Bird Pottery store. He had a keg set up and we spent pretty much the entire afternoon waving as folks drove by. Gabi and I were particularly getting into the act, deciding when how and who to wave to, then noting who or how many folks returned the waves. We got flipped off twice. Not bad overall.

As dusk set, we moved the party to the roof where we shot the shit and waited for fireworks. Sara reminds me very much of Jennifer when it comes to dancing. Intoxicating.

We watched fireworks off in all directions and headed back to the house for an impromptu meal of eggs and veggies. I think we were all in bed by midnight.