Back from the desert

The Red Canyon by Lander, WY

Spent the day going through the “Loop” road down from Lander, up some switchbacks filled with July 4th campers and motorhomes.

Brad was driving, so I was glad to be a passenger and absorb the scenery. Very nice up there. We continued on to Atlantic City, a “city” with a population of “about 57.”

Grabbed a tasty lunch at the Mercantile and headed out to the desert basin area of Wyoming.

We had some good hunting maps, but toward the middle of our drive around all the sand and sagebrush, we got a little lost and relied on a compass to return. Spotted a half dozen wild horses, a golden eagle, cows blocking the road, and an antelope I think.

On the return trip, we took the southpass route where I snapped the above photo of the red canyon. I am continually amazed at Wyoming. For some reason it just seems to put things into perspective… how the earth is forming, how fantastic and varied it is, and how urban life seems overly complicated. Couple these observations with the big blue sky, it’s a compelling argument to stick around sometime, for a good piece of time.

There’s a lot to this state.

Lucky dogs, us: After unloading the truck, we found one of the back tires half flat. (WHEW, wipes brow we didn’t have to change this in the desert)