My Friend Jen

Please don’t take my photo

Worked at the office the early part of the afternoon and got the silk-screen machine together. Yeehaw.

Met up with a fella from Kentucky to check out Xmen2. I had seen it before, but enjoyed it so much, I honestly wanted to pay closer attention to certain details.

AMC has the worst touchscreen automated ticketing systems ever made.

The movie was once again very entertaining, and the 2.5 hours zipped by. After a quick bite at Chipolte, I got a ring from Heather that she and Jen were at an Irish pub having a drink.

Was great rounding the corner to see a table with Heather, Jen and Dave. I had a few bourbon and 7s and caught up. Jenn is in from Italy for a month. She’ll be working out some visa issues for working abroad, and more importantly, getting hitched on Friday the 13th of this month.

It’s always good to see Jen. She’s a sunny sort with a hankering for spontaneous dance, random thoughts, travel stories, and fits of laughter that often end with her on the floor in near convulsion, paralyzed with tears.

Jen had a big day ahead of her so we broke off early.