It is complete

The screenprinting machine

After recollecting ourselves from the bad assembly day, Tom and I jumped in and got the thing put together in no time.

Midway through the process, the fire alarms went off, and man, there is no way in heck you can sleep through em. Loud! Painfully loud.

We hiked down the steps to the curb and waited there as the two big firetrucks came to check on the scene.

It was Sunday, there was no one around. We sure looked guilty.

Once the firemen figured out that the construction up the street was the likely culprit, they told us with a grin, “Stop breaking things.” and we went back to figure out what was next.

We took a moment of pause, then wandered the studio, trying to find a suitable “dark” area to prep some screens. After failing miserably, I finally remembered that the shared closet on the floor would be perfect. It has outlets, it’s empty and no light gets into it.

One screen prepped and stored, ready for the first test design.


All Together now