Kittens are soft

I went over to my mom’s tonight to eat dinner with her and my brother. I sat in the breakfast room and my brother started to crawl on the floor.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

Then a little furry shadow leaped over my foot and that was how I met Magik, the new household kitten.

My mom hasn’t had an indoor cat, or dog for that matter, in a long time. Aside from me not liking his name off the bat (I recommended Doug, or Bill or better yet… Sigfried!)

This little fella is spunky. One of those animals that likes people, unlike the strays my mom feeds behind her house.

He has a penchant for burrowing under pillows and stuff, then popping out to attack, paws in the air, “I am seeing you Sigfried..”

He also runs at you with this sideways gallop. I’ve never really seen that before, sort of like a rabbit that was just hit by a car.

He’s also a purring one, will lick yer nose or fingers, and stretches out on one’s tummy and naps.