Hem Haw

Memo to myself: do the dumb things I gotta do
Touch the puppet head

So there I am, sitting by myself, harming nothing but my GI tract, at P.F. Changs eating some tofu lettuce wraps. I test my capacity for making the sauce as hot as possible, listening to the waitress at the drink station bitch about her tips from the Michelob Ultra drinking suits.

I skipped a bachelor party after deciding that grungy shorts and a brown short-sleeved Carhartt shirt wasn’t appropriate. If boobies are involved, I think Khakis are proper.

The Chang-chain was filled stylish euroframes and enough dark ensembles to fill the studio audience of “The Weakest Link” quite nicely.

I was in a mood.

Luckily, the vittles were engaging.

I’ve yet to make any good plans for The 2003 Trip I carved out some time ago, I think it was because Mapquest wouldn’t allow me to plan a roadtrip that includes Canada and the US.

What I really need to do is: get out my atlas, a calculator and a calendar and figure it all out.

I think this fortune would be reason enough, but then again, really, who ever got a fortune that said, “Wonderful things will happen in your backyard.”

They always lean toward the exotic.

Thing is, there’s some odd feeling of guilt that I shouldn’t be doing this trip, or that I’m not doing it for any good reason.

I’m jazzed about screenprinting… There’s potential to see a house implosion up north the end of this month on a private property… my grandma will be moving out of her house the end of June…

Plenty of good things to keep me occupied in Ohio.

My last trip in October had good reason; not only did I really need the break, I developed some excellent business while on the road. More business than I perhaps needed or wanted.

That leads me back to where I am though: a little taxed by the work thing… staring off into the distance more than I should… and a touch forlorn…

The plan was to head through the the middle of America and up through Glacier National Park, then to Calgary for the rodeo. I really want to stop by Lake Louise while up there, too.

The intent was to extend this trip to the coast and check out Seattle and Portland, perhaps Vancouver.

This is the big scheme I’ve had since October. Then I realized that Spring Thaw was out that way, and I figured it’d be a great pre-visit. A way to get a sense of the geography, location, etc.

As three-day weekends go, it was a like an elusive tray of appetizers you scan at a party.

Top all this hem-hawin off, I’ve been sortof developing a potential “something” that has evolved into a trip out west end of july.

Befuddled, I’m going to map out my intentions, prepare a budget, gauge the work scene here at home, and figure this out.