Let the hat sort it out

Clearly the makings of something much bigger than the Bible.

Awakened, laundered, lunched with friends, patioed, looked at beautiful fluffy white clouds, felt baby legs spring, worked minimally, squared things away, put a hold on postal service (online!), got a new tail light, returned movies, installed the tail light, put electronics and cords and sundries into piles, cleaned, went over to my moms, talked about everything, lamented the rush, listened to annie lennox, teased kitten with laser, hugged, more laundering…

Then I took a nice long hot bath.

Met up with Amy Anne Dave Paul Tom Wendy and baby at the bookstore ’round 11.

Harry Potter crowded.

We had desserts and coffees and poked fun at the scene, and the fact that we’re all about 30ish and hanging out at a bookstore selling a children’s book at a midnight sale.

Mixed berry pie was delicious. Never enough rhubarb in life.

Schemes and pranks discussed.

More hugs.

Tonight, I do not worry about packing. A good night’s rest and an early morning is best.

Oh yeh, none of us bought the book.