Almost poppa-like

What a natural

Glad to be finished with work, I picked up some pizza and salads from my favorite joint Deweys, and headed over to watch the video on how to use the silk-screen machine.

The video, albeit lower in quality than most porn, was informative and described all the steps; from putting the machine together to making a t-shirt.

Very exciting. On Saturday, we begin assembly.

I brought my laptop to pilfer albums for evaluation and managed to snag more than I can listen to in a month:

– The Black Keys “Thickfreakness”
– Deerhoof “Apple O’”
– Flaming Lips “Flight Test EP”
– Prefuse 73 “One Word Extinquisher”
– Palaxy Tracks “Cedarland”
– Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Fever to Tell”
– Blue “Think Tank”
– The Detroit Experiment “The Detroit Experiment”
– Mclusky “Mclusky Do Dallas”
– New Pornographers “Electric Vision”
– Roscoe Holcomb “An Untrained Sense of Control”
– Rosie Thomas “When We Were Small”
– Lisa Germano “Lullaby For Liquid Pig”
– Evan Dando “Baby I’m Bored”
– Spiritualized “The Complete Works Vol. 1”
– Max Tundra “Mastered By the Guy at the Exchange”

While absorbing the CD’s, I got to feed the baby. Heck, it’s been years since I’ve done that. Rusty would be an understatement. I also learned that this upset child likes soft intense rocking, nothing like the jittery knee of Michael Jackson, but not too far off those lines.

It was a good day.