A man with a beard, sunglasses and baseball cap. Arms crossed on a ferry

Seattle, Day 3

After a great night and plenty of rest, it was time to jump on the bus and down to the docks for the Brunch Cruise with the bears. Carving out a nice table near the bar and the somewhat sunny aft, I accustomed myself to the swaying motion of the boat.

It’s been a while.

Beer, yes, beer would be good for this.

Taking Dan’s lead, I found that Red Hook was just as good as Fat Tire. Damn expensive on this love boat though. I s’pose this is how the cruise industry makes their dough.

The weather was pretty dang good on the Puget Sound. The Olympic Range (I believe it was) hung past the horizon, faint.

I had yet to catcha glimpse of Mount Rainier, but I can look forward to that on future trips.

Food… More swaying… Patchy Sun… Disco music muffled by the grunt of the engine… Porn stars (apparently)… and good fellowship…

Once the ship docked, I headed with Dan and Brian to REI and fritter away some time. I got a ballcap that isn’t orange or brown or navy! How radical of me.

Later, went to Elsian Brewing Company and learned that Boursin cheese is actually pronounced boor-SAHN. Not they they had it on the burgers, but I’m a nutcase for trying to say words right.

Too many years book-read without conversation…

Then it was off to The Cuff. Man, there were some freaks there that needed to lay off the drugs.

Got to spend a tiny bit extra time with Chris, then he was off. I proceeded to share too many red hook pitchers with Dan, and find out that I had been in the company of (who i stood next to on the packed bus on the way to the cruise) and all along. Nutty when things pan out like that.

After a brief jaunt to Dick’s, sleep came easy.

It was a spirited ending to an excellent sip of Seattle. This may well be the first run badge I hold on to, if only for the fun bear/bunny mascot.

The view from 6 foot 5
It’s hard to escape the Space Needle.