A man with a beard smiles in front of Seattle's Public Market Center

Seattle, Day 2

It was a long night at the pizza party/cc’s/Eagle… sleeping in was paramount. And so it went.

Rolling outta bed, I realized that I pretty much would have to run down to the lobby to make it in time for the fun cruise. Getting on a boat at that point seemed real unappealing.

Chatting with Darrin, he was nice enough to suggest a tour of the city. We started out in West Seattle, driving through Alki Beach and some nice neighborhoods there. (In fact, I don’t think there are any “bad” Seattle neighborhoods)

Grabbed lunch at a Chinese place next to a Bowling alley. Took some vistas in of the city across the Sound, and headed back to the downtown area.

Hit the market. Boy was it crowded. Seemed like the whole city was here at once. We skirted the packed walkways as much as possible. Saw totem poles, the first Starbucks, street performers, and lots of flowers.

Seattle seems to be a gardeners’ paradise. It’s lush. There’s a diversity of foliage while driving around, viewing folks landscaping, in street shops and at the parks.

Finished with the crowd, we headed up to the Capitol Hill area and walked around Volunteer Park, hitting the Conservatory for a great orchid display, and skipping the asian art museum. My dogs were barking, it was time for coffee.

Hit the Fremont area for some non-starbucks independent brew, and saw the statue of Lenin, window shopped and that was that. We toured a few more neighborhoods and then it was time for the Spring Thaw dinner.

Darrin dropped me off and I got some spiffy saturday duds on and headed to the banquet room.

I really didn’t know anyone there, so I mingled some, made a little chitchat, pondered leaving and napping, then a few familiar faces started to appear.

Afterward, decided that, instead of a packed bar, it’d would be a good idea to hang out in a mellower place. Followed Dan over with Brian to hang out in Redmond.

Everyone had a comfortable chair, there was plenty of wine to choose from, and the web was at our disposal for answering any questions we may have had – like, “Where do real girls go build strong bodies and strong minds?” Why, Cool-2b-real.com of course! Very informative. Very beefy.

I’m a little disturbed that someone in our party knew of this site.

After a bottle of big wine, it was time to wrap up this fine, fine day number 2 of Spring Thaw.

A man with a hat made of balloons

Original edit:

he spattered me with tomatoes, hummos, chickpeas and some strips of skin ... so I made a right on 44th and I washed my hands when I got in ... and it rained like a slow divorce and I wished I could buy a horse ... and balloon man blew up in my hand
The Balloon Man at the Pike Place Market, downtown Seattle