my sis turns 40

Today was an excellent day. Mid 50’s blue skies. Near perfect. Of course, a cold front will roll through again, but just a taste of it is good.

I tried to get my hair/beard cut again. No go. My barber wasn’t in. Starting to sound like a broken record.

I didn’t let it hinder me though, i grabbed some lunch while over in kentucky and enjoyed the leisurely day.

Last night, I didn’t do much, other than get online and wander.

I’m not the happiest camper when i get in those ruts, and it only seems to happen when I am at home. Luckily, the day helped me ease up on that feeling of being trapped and I had my sister’s birthday dinner in the evening to look forward to.

I left early, thinking I would take the scenic route and drive through my old hometown.

Was odd, seeing all of the new developments crop up. New houses, a retirement home, the trailer park expanded, and the roads were in horrible disrepair. I figured all the snow and scraping had taken its toll this winter.

I drove by my old house and saw that it was beginning to take shape again. A wonderful secluded place to grow up. Here’s to hoping it brings happiness to another clan.

All told, took me about an hour to reach my sister’s place, where the aroma of Cincinnati style chili greeted me at the door. Mmmmmmmm. Hadn’t indulged in that for a while. It was a welcome treat.

My mom, brother, sister, her husband, my niece and two step nephews were in attendance. I ate two platefuls and felt comfortably stuffed. We retired to the living room and chit-chatted. My mom and brother left and I hung out a while with my sister and Don. Talking about life and stuff. Good conversation. If we were rich, Don would get into Nascar and Robin would travel.

Always good to know these things.

I left late as everyone seemed tuckered and drove back through my town.

I had a strange feeling that this was the goodbye drive. It is time to make inroads to the bigger picture plan. Get rid of my house, distribute the furniture, and become nomadic.

I’ll get into details later.

Drove by my friend Gretchen’s house, I knew she was having a dinner party, so i decided to call and see if they were still up and at em.

Gretchen was barely awake, and my business partner Dave was still there. Was good to see him out of the office and catch up. He’s been taking flight lessons to earn his license and he seems genuinely enthused. Showed me the GPS type system he bought for backup and some of the flight plan maps of the area. I’m sucker for interesting maps, and these were from such a different perspective – notations for tall structures and flight paths. Very interesting stuff.

Gretchen slipped off to sleep and Dave and I took the liberty of watching some Saturday Night Live on the tube. All the jokes seemed to make reference to entertainment culture and TV. Was pretty hard for me to grasp.

After a bit of that, we left there and I was off to see if I could catch my other partner at the local pub. The lot was empty so I drove on.

Went back to the city and decided I wanted a beer, regardless, so I went to my hang-out and saw my brother there.

Always good to see him out and about. He was actually working, but I got to chat with him anyway.

Saw the most handsome person across the bar and woofed under my breath. Nicely built fella in a cowboy hat with a full beard and kind eyes.

Strangely enough, he walked up to the end of the bar and introduced himself.

This is a rare occurence indeed.

Turns out, I’ve talked with him online and he recognized my beard. After a few minutes of getting on the same page, he pulled up a stool and we had a fairly good conversation, he talked softly and the music was a bit over-powering. (nothing new there)

Another twist of fate, my old trucker friend came up from outta the shadows and handed his keys to this handsome cowboy. Said he was ready to go home.

Ah, luck.

Heh, funny part is, I enjoyed the brief conversation I had had with this fella, and I could look forward to more in the future, I would hope. I bid them farewell and nursed my beer a little longer.

Made some plans with the bartender to hang out and play video games sometime, since it’s hard to find geeks like that anymore. All squared away, it was time to call it a night.

Packed alot into one day.