Chili cook off

I woke up early and enjoyed some morning reading with another sunny day pouring through the window.

I started early on laundry and getting dishes cleaned and whatnot. I’ve been trying to get the house more in order as I prepare to let it go.

I’m mentally making lists of what will go where and how many boxes I will need to buy. More important, I’m trying to figure out, what is ABSOLUTELY necessary when I go out on the road again.

I did fairly well packin up the truck last time.

The dining room table would go well at my moms house, and my brother just moved into an apartment where I am sure he could use anything I could spare.

TV’s are easy enough to get rid of… but then there’s all this STUFF I’ve collected over the years that will be hard to part with, so I’ll likely find some storage solution.

So the plan is… there is no plan.

Move things to safe and happy homes and stay with my mom or friends when I’m in town.

Then, be out of town as much as entirely possible. Continue my quest for a place that just speaks to me. What will this place say? Stick around a while, there’s lots to see here and the people are friendly.

I’ve got some requirements, but they are loose and open to interpretation. A large body of water could be a lake, an ocean or a (clean) river (if there is such a thing anymore) would be nice. So would mountains or foothills. I’d like there to be a good city within a fair drive, but I’m pining for a smaller community. An airport would be prudent. High speed internet would be great.

I’d like to find a watering hole where I can hang my coat and feel comfortable.

Everything is flexible, but it’s all terribly exciting to ponder.

Back to my day though, I got many loads of laundry done, and even went so far as to change the sheets on all the beds and air out the place a little. It was chilly though, the windows weren’t open long.

I’m still finding myself sleeping in the guest bedroom.

The sun really does shine better in there.

At 6 I wandered down to the chili cook-off our bear group was having. It slipped my mind earlier, which is funny since I maintain the website with all the events.

I felt like I didn’t do enough with the organization, and I hadn’t had dinner, so it worked out well.

8 chilis to sample, and all were good in their own way. I voted for #5 with its original barbeque flavor and had a few beers. Was an odd crowd for sure, I hardly knew anyone. It was almost like I was in another city.

Funny how things cycle around.

Came back home, got entirely frustrated with the ol Ninentdo, did more laundry, went to bed very early.