home again home again jiggity jig

So I just got back from St. Louis last night after a weekend of Mardi Gras. To start off, I left Cincinnati at 6pm on Friday night with clear weather. Once I got to east St. Louis, a slight blizzard was in progress. The highways inched along and I took the fast lane to my friends house in the ‘dog town’ neighborhood.

We quickly said our hellos and settled into the couch for an evening of good stuff and video games. I became the party star. (Nintendo has a way of making the winner of a game feel so special with monikers like that).

Saturday, the snow quickly vanished and we headed down to the french district after a good ol breakfast. Slushy streets filled to the brim with drunken folks of all types. I saw a few knockers, but then again, I wasn’t looking.

Worked the bar door for a while, telling folks whose bladders were too full that they had to wait in line.

Afterwards, a quick drink at the bar and we were home early evening. The next 36 hours we would eat, watch movies (Lilo and Stitch and Monty Python and the Holy Grail), play video games (I once again became party star) and drink soda. Well, I had beer.

As evening came, I was planning to leave, but in all honesty, I never get to sit on the couch and play video games with people I like hanging with all too often… So I decided, after much calculation – that one more night couldn’t hurt.

The drive back was cake yesterday, and I had blue skies lighting my path.