I sat at the bar.

Not just for an evening, but for several. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday nights. I sat at the bar and talked with people. I walked up to strangers who looked like some friendliness would bring a grin to their face. I sat down and listened to stories and shared my own.

Seems like, when I traveled – folks were friendly to me, and I wondered, perhaps some of that friendliness could be more present in my hometown of Cincinnati.

Thing is, most folks talked about how unfriendly the city is. How they would like to move to some more exotic locale.

I suppose the best part of it all though, was bonding with the bartender.

I helped close the joint on Sunday night/Monday morning, as the snow started to fall once more. We talked about most anything you can think of… life, relationships, work, local clubs and ideals. It was nice.

I got on the road to find rushhour traffic battling some fiercely bad conditions. I figured, since McDonalds was serving breakfast, I should indulge in a baacon egg and cheese biscuit.

Tummy full, sleep came easy.