eat your crust

I should’ve kept myself goin after work and stayed up til midnight like a good chap to keep my sleep cycle in check.

Now it’s 4:30 am and I’m bumping around on the net, seeing the same newswire articles on all the sites and thoroughly disgruntled. Perhaps I should subscribe to The Christian Science Monitor under good recommendation to get a different view delivered to my doorstep.

Lord knows USA Today is pretty, but pretty flimsy.

A thought occured though, completely unrelated…

As a child, we’re told… Eat the crust on your bread, it’ll grow hair on your chest.

Does this type of encoding infer that we should, as men, covet chest hair? Imagine the trauma of the smooth gene’d fellers who avoided the crusts of their Rainbow bread, ignorant that, years down the road, as the staggered development of their peer’s pubic hairs would come to haunt them.

It’s strange really, how these wive’s tales are a part of society, and we’re left to figure out why we’re so messed up sometimes.