afterwork nap

I know I shouldn’t take these afterwork naps…

I dreamt of Anna Nicole. She was on Jay Leno. There was a really dumb skit that surfaced in a fake impromptu way as a stage hand tried to cover up Anna’s exposed privates with a bunch of polyester stuffing. It (the fluffy stuffing) filled the guest area, and Anna emerged on a Segway in a little playboy bunny tuxedo get-up.

Then she, Jay, and Steve Martin, along with a few other notable male stars who elude me in this grogginess, broke into song. The song was about gumdrops.

I woke up wish visualizations of a doggie bag with a remainder of my steak and the potatoes that I had for lunch today at the Longhorn Steakhouse.

I am confused, and hungry.

This is all I know.