Beck on Austin City Limits

I took this Saturday quite slowly… getting up after noon, I began to think my sleeping schedule was way out of whack. Something else was wrong though. Lips chapped, nose all flaky, I decided that there was no moisture in the air whatsoever. The heat from my house was zapping it completely.

I tried to make myself presentable and venture outside, into the world of humidifiers. So many options in the humidifier world. Cool mist, warm mist, varying capacity, timers, night lights, faux wood grain, the list goes on and on. I went for the one that said you never had to change the filter, which I find suspect, but calming. If I can just keep the thing filled, I will be a happy camper.

After that ordeal, I somehow managed to fill the entire afternoon without much to show for it. I think I napped for a while, to the obnoxious sound of the humidifier, only to find that, the water did not get absorbed as the tank did not seat properly. A small adjustment made the whole audible level more tolerable.

Tonight, I ordered my first pizza for delivery online at Larosas and I’m keeping my fingers crossed to see if it works.

Regardless, the evening will be good, I am sure. Beck is performing on Austin City Limits with The Flaming Lips as his backup band. Five songs into it, I’m in a mellow, good, reflective mood.

Oh yeh, and the pizza just arrived.