Are dogs sick?

Good thing i didn’t go out last night. I think my body is trying to tell me that I need to slow the heck down.

What began as perhaps a slight headcold is evolving into full-blown flu – suggesting a viral culprit, if I’m understanding WebMD properly. They suggest that evolving and worsening symptoms are less bacterial infections and more viral.


I did manage to get out to my mom’s for a little brunch, which turned out to be a ploy by my brother to meet all his friends – I’m not sure to be honest. It was fine, good food, real nice folk, and a recipe for ginger tea surfaced.

Back home, I sank deeply into sleep, avoiding some work I had to do. Luckily the client let me know that we’re in good shape for an important presentation the following week. Which brings me to ask… What does as sick as a dog mean?