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July 31, 2009

Knowing is half the battle

Designed by a nerduo, printed by us

We're going to get a good workout at the studio when this BATTLE shirt goes to press.

Its been the fastest selling design on our site.

In commemoration of G.I. Joe, I present my favorite fake PSA.

Look at all your different colored hats!

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July 28, 2009

The weekend zipped by

A Shriner in Celina, Ohio

Perfect weather this weekend.

Squeezed in some bike riding which is fast becoming a favorite activity to combat my pear-like shape.

Also hit up a Celtic Festival in Dayton and a Lake Festival Parade in Celina.

Good summer fun.

PhotosMore photos from the Lake Festival Parade

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July 22, 2009

Oh hi

Long time no see

So we're having a fine brunch and my visiting friend says I never update my journal.
And he's right.
I've been awful remiss.

Then just yesterday I read an interview with Jeff Harris, a fellow that has been taking a photo of his life for the past 10 years.

His site was one of the biggest inspirations for me to start playing with a camera. As he faces cancer, he reflects on the past decade and his work.

"Even the repetition makes it interesting." he says.

And I remember that's one of the things I got out of all this — I was always hoping to see patterns emerge from my own life through these photos.

But more than that, I wanted to share the days with my friends and family.

Then things got muddled somehow. Self imposed deadlines, comment guilt, forlorn with my own visual repetition, wondering if I was thinking too much. This, that, and the other thing.

It just wasn't simple.

So I stripped it all down and started anew over here in the album. And I hopped on that short update thing and the yearbook exploded site.

Yeah, I'm still around.

And things are well outside of the screen!

Just trying to stay outta trouble.

Sleeves rolled up.

Tipping my hat whenever possible.

Trying to make sense of it all and keepin' my eye out for patterns.

Current music: OMD "Of All The Things We've Made"

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July 01, 2009

somewhat of a relic

transfer type

We used to make things with this transfer type.
It started with a sketch.
A plan.
Then casting a baseline with mechanical pencil and metal cork-backed ruler.
Laying each letter down, one by one.

Talk about arduous.

In other news, we're using the last hour of the workday this week to super-clean the studio.
That's how we turned up this Letraset.

Current music: Ray LaMontagne "Lesson Learned"

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June 30, 2009

lunchbag puppets

Oh hi there

My friends had a birthday party for their youngest yesterday.
A bit of a miracle that one year old.
I like these friends and don’t see them enough.
Their house is filled with life.
Right out in their front yard is a vegetable garden.
On the day I visited, the back was filled with families and kids running all around.
There was a slip and slide,
tables filled with summery salads,
brownies and cake.
Inside, an activity room had these lunchbag puppets lined up saying, “photograph me!”

Current music: Grizzly Bear "While You Wait For The Others"

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June 12, 2009

Layer Tennis Playoffs

A snippet from the second volley

Man I'm unprepared.

Let's hope this coffee kicks in soon.

I'm up against this Greg Hubacek character.

It went down

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May 15, 2009

All Tomorrow's Parties

In the UK

So somehow I ended up on a plane and a train and a bus, and now I'm in Minehead which is in Somerset I think, which is most definitely in the UK.

This marks my first time to this country.


I should be out experiencing things, but I thought I'd pop on and say howdy.

Hope to enjoy lots of the bands performing at this edition of All Tomorrow's Parties.

I'll be posting photos here through the weekend: PhotosUK Trip photos

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May 05, 2009

the day went unplanned

as days sometimes go

I put some miles on the ol’ Rabbit, and today I woke up to a flat.

Before fussing with the jack and spare, I texted neighbor / almost-a-relative Amy
to see if she’d pop over with can of Fix-a-Flat.

She obliged and now I owe her big time.

Spent a good chunk of the afternoon sitting around a service bay while my trusty hatchback got a deluxe spa treatment and new rubber all around.

Then my laptop went broke again.

I figure after all is said and done, I’ve had more than enough bad mojo to satisfy the needs of an email chain letter my sister forwarded to me this week.

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May 04, 2009

welcome Hunter & Fisher

seen on the side of the road

Not really but kind of related posts:
- The new color of caution (Oct. 2003)
- Day-Glow road signs (Aug. 2006)

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May 03, 2009

how the ferns have grown

fractal nature

19 days ago, these ferns were just peeking out of the ground.

Amazing how quickly they grow.

The cycle of life is not lost during moments like these, but it is coupled with sadness as we learned our friend’s mom lost her battle to cancer this day.

Upon hearing the news, she made arrangements to fly out of Dayton–spending the night at our house before heading to be with her family.

We sat there on the patio that evening, raising a toast to her mom and reflecting on all sorts of life’s complexities that somehow neatly interlock.

All the while the ferns framing our outdoor space glowed by candlelight—waving a slow perimeter between us and the darkness of the yard, and everything beyond.

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May 02, 2009

the conga line went directly to the bar


Attended a lovely ceremony for the union of Jenn and Laura on Saturday.

And though I sadly did not tear it up on the dance floor or hop in this conga line,

I did step in the awesome photobooth set up at the reception.

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May 01, 2009

sharpening up for Layer Tennis

Quality pencils

Gearing up for another round of Layer Tennis this afternoon.

This time I'm hitting the virtual court with that fine upstanding Draplin fellow.

Calling out the play by play will be none other than Dave Cuzner, the man behind another favorite destination online, Grain Edit.

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April 27, 2009

the Japanese Maple says hello

Spring happens quick around here

In lieu of incessant pictures of budding plants, I've started a folder with images of the yard coming to life this year.

It's been pretty dang enjoyable watching the seasons unfold around the house.

The only ding is the cherry tree. Not sure if it was the result of strong winds from the remnants of Hurricane Ike last year, or some other circumstance, but it is leaning something fierce. We have a tree person coming out this week to diagnose and advise.

Fingers crossed.

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April 26, 2009

Guamanian fiesta

a carrot cupcake was a fraction of the awesome

The weekend closed out with a "BBQ extravaganza / authentic Guamanian fiesta" hosted by our new friend Jenny.

Her cousin Joe with a big smile and a wicked talent on ukulele was visiting.

Together they curated a feast of delicious-ness (ribs, steak, marinated cucumber, grilled pineapple, corn on the cob and apple slaw to name a few dishes) paired with seemingly never-ending pitchers of margaritas.

I'm salivating in recollection.

With a house full of well-fed musical folks, Joe coaxed out some sweet singing with his uke and it drifted beyond the dinner table and into the yard.

I think the appropriate word for days like this is blessed.

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rhubarb, again

Starting off Sunday

As I catch up and reflect on the weekend that was, I have to admit it was pretty darn awesome. Fine weather, good eats, and a hanging with folks to round it all out.

Woke up Sunday and made a small breakfast, enjoying it out on the back patio before it got too warm under the canopy, reading the Times on our laptops.

I opted for rhubarb instead of preserves on biscuits. Doing my customary wiki'ing I found these uncited tidbits about the stalky red vegetable:

It is or was common for a crowd of extras in acting to shout the word "rhubarb" repeatedly and in an unsynchronised manner, to cause the effect of general hubbub. As a result, the word "rhubarb" sometimes is used to mean "length of superfluous text in speaking or writing", or a general term to refer to irrelevant chatter by chorus or extra actors. The American equivalent is walla. Stage actors in the United States also use word "rhubarb" repeated asynchronously in a low or murmured tone to provide background voice ambience in crowd or party scenes. A variation of this is the repetition of the phrase "peas and carrots"
- wiki : rhubarb


Previously: Not the best image, rhubarb on biscuits

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April 25, 2009

this had the potential to end in tears

Luckily it did not. Other toys were found to occupy their attention.

Saturday was perfect for a grillout, and friends down in Loveland had one fired up for a Draft Day party.

I'm not exactly sure what all the football stuff was all about, but since the chart of colleges and draft picks was on the table with the chips and dips, I would pop inside, nod, and graze.

Outside was breezy and perfectly sunny. If folks weren't old or pregnant we would have set up the Ladder Golf set (also known as Hillbilly Horseshoes, Bolo Toss, Monkey Balls, Chuck Your Nuts, Dangly Bits, Donkey Balls, Golfshoes, Twigs and Berries, Rodeo Golf, and many more... for real).

Instead we enjoyed spending time between the sun and the shade, nursing cool drinks, circling the grill, and running after kids. Good times.

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April 24, 2009

for the birds

a visitor in the back yard

Pardon the blur of this 2 second exposure, it was pitch black out there.

All you could hear was the munching from the patio.

The stale cereal was intended for the birds.

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April 23, 2009


It's like a huge miniature city of electronics in there

Laptop flickered and made alarming beep noise again.


Call to support, this time with proper screwdriver on hand.
Back in business but lost a tiny screw in the process.

Support fella said, "Just pop into the Apple Store for a little screw.
You should be in and out in 5 minutes."

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April 22, 2009

tulips on the square

Oxford, OH

Made a detour on the way home for these tulips that we saw over lunch and I lamented not having a camera over my shoulder.

I'd so plant these at home if the deer didn't like 'em so much.

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April 21, 2009

for sale

digitally, and physically

As promised, information on the aforeblogged album, plus a free MP3 and a movie.

Digital EP on iTunes | Amazon | eMusic


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April 19, 2009

a new light

sprucing up the dining room

Though not the light I had my eye on, I think the proportions of this capiz fixture from West Elm suits our space nicely.

I secretly picked it up yesterday and Kyle came over to make it happen on the sly while Dan was at a performance.

It's always a gamble making decisions like these alone, but we'd been looking long enough to know what we wanted. When Dan came home, he apparently saw the excited expression on my face before he turned the corner and caught his first glimpse. Verdict? A big enthusiastic yes.

(Thanks Kyle and helpers)

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April 18, 2009

record store day

sweet set

I didn’t actually take this photo, a kind stranger with a better view did the honors with my camera as I was pinned in a corner. She might have been with the prevalent rollergirl contingency, but I’m not entirely sure.

Either way, I love what she captured.

It was an excellent set, my mom finally got to see the Deals perform, snagged some new music, and we ate at one of our favorite places in Northside for dinner.

All sorts of win that evening.

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April 17, 2009

Fate to Fatal

Kim and Kelley take a break after printing up 1000 limited edition "Fate to Fatal" EPs.

I'm going down to Shake It Records tonight (8pm) to see these fine ladies play some music in commemoration of their release and Record Store Day.

Things have been so pedal-to-the-metal that I haven't really taken the time to talk about this record. The cover is the first one I've ever designed proper, and it's a helluva an honor to work with The Breeders. Vaughn Oliver's work with them is one of the biggest reasons I do what I do these days. The fact I love their music? Gravy. The best gravy ever.

Total honor.

If you're curious how to get the EP on vinyl, it is out there at independent shops on 4/18, then it will likely show up in more places on and offline soon.

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March 22, 2009

over there

shirt, book, swatches, bronco, patio, daffodil, elementary

Packing a lot into the days of late, enjoying the temperature and light, work is keeping me out of trouble, spending lots of time in the evenings and weekends welcoming spring around the house... all good stuff.

What I haven't been doing is diligently updating the ol' journal here. In my quest to find the best way to tag, sort, and search information, I'm spinning my wheels thinking about options. So for now, I'm still throwing bigger photos up over there on the album.

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March 15, 2009


time for new ones

I thought things were getting blurry, and the optometrist agreed that my prescription could use an adjustment.

Thing is, I could either jump to bifocals or simply remove my glasses when using the computer — which is confusing, but works. (I'm nearsighted and my current lenses are making me focus too hard to accommodate things up close.)

I got new frames anyway because my current ones are all chipped and worn from years of use. To be extra fancy I'm getting clip on shades of which I'm suspect, but will take because they're "free."

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March 12, 2009

the old Facebook

Not mine by the way, you won't find me in bowl-haircut glory here

First things first, I'm feeling better, thanks for well wishes and commiseration through various channels.

I started feeling normal less sick on Thursday night when Dan's niece came to visit. A cool enough night to start a fire and catch up. At some point, the photo albums were pulled out and trips down memory lane commenced.

Semi-related note: I should really make sure I lock down privacy settings so none of my old middle school photos with the body wave can surface tagged online somewhere.

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March 08, 2009


ready for the green

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March 03, 2009

The Wrestler


Saw The Wrestler with my mom on Sunday night.

Helluva flick for sure—gets you right in the gut.

Seeing all those noxious fears of loneliness and regret made me a bit uncomfortable.

I suppose there's value seeing it up there on the big screen so you do your darndest not to see it play out in a mirror.

Next outing to the theater better have laughter or lasers just to balance it all out.

Wasn't all glum though, as my mom had homemade bean soup ready to take in afterward.

Good stuff.

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March 02, 2009

out with the new

this is not about the counter top

Finishing up the orange juice, I realized this fabled carton design won't be around much longer.

When Tropicana moved away from the big-orange-with-a-straw illustration to this sparse treatment, reaction was strong... folks called it generic, unpleasant, backwards, and a slew of other things.

And from a usability perspective, there was some loss for those that shop by color (Khoi has a nice thoughts and collections of both old and new packages on his site)— though I have to admit, I shop by words because I never know what the colors meant.

Some pulp. I just want some pulp.

Anyway, the old carton is coming back.

I'm not trying to be contrary when I say, I kinda liked the new look. Sure the straw in orange was nice, but I liked the simplicity.

This of course, is coming from a guy who goes to Target specifically to buy boxes of tissues that have no designs whatsoever on the outside, just solid color.

I don't always shop by words.

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February 26, 2009


The pencil holder

Not only have I been awful at updating my journal, I totally didn't even realize it was Mardi Gras until I heard Obama's first address to Congress. We've beignets in the cupboard just waiting to be made.

And another thing... I seem to forget the joy of using a pencil or a pen. I keep 'em tucked away at my desk way back in the spare bedroom.

While working at home yesterday I pulled the coffee can stocked with implements out to the dining room. I've half a mind to keep 'em there because not only does the can look nice, but it serves a purpose. I should have more tchotchkes that inspire creativity littered around the joint.

In other news, you might remember to click on images to zoom, but I've also been more diligent updating the daily album over there.

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February 21, 2009

little pink house

the things I pass when taking a different route to work

I was on the road earlier than usual that morning, which was nice because the sun was out.

I drove the long way to the studio, looping through two McDonalds only to press onward because the drive-thru lines were too long.

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February 17, 2009


Like all photos this year, you can click to zoom

My friends’ daughter is learning about numbers in kindergarten—starting at one and working their way up.

Soon they'll be hitting triple digits and to commemorate they're having a 100 Party (on the 100th day of school).

So everybody has to bring in 100 of something.

Commence the gathering of all the Playmobil figures.

Man, I wanna go back to school.

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February 15, 2009

bad jeans

A moment to vent

I'm surprised I haven't used this horrible pun for a headline before, but apparently it is a first. (I determined this after making a custom search (CSE) for most of the places I post online:

Back to the Levi's pictured above... I know I have no ass, but pulling up one's pants by the belt loops shouldn't lead to tearing.

This has happened to every recent pair of jeans I've got.

It's redonk.

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February 11, 2009


Because I have a deep love for onomatopoeia

That crashing sound outside was our garbage can taking a stroll around the neighborhood in the gusty evening wind.

I herded it back to the safety of the garage.

In other news, I went to work and accidentally left the radio on NPR.

They kept saying stimulus and package.

Later in the day I was productive donning writers cap in the studio—finally bringing together everyone's thoughts on a vision/mission/culture manifesto. Something long overdue.

Zoomed home to check out cars with a friend who is in need.

I never get tired of sitting in different rides, and despite our ragamuffin exteriors, all the salesfolk were kind.

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February 08, 2009

But it looked right in the store

applying stain to baseboards

Sunday the weather was almost springy.

We pushed aside our mental plans for the day to tackle baseboards.

But first, a trip to the big box hardware place to make ugly faces at the lighting options.

I'm pretty sure we're either going to find what we need for the dining room in smaller, local, boutique type joint, or we're going all Myles of Style and making one out of a plunger, string, broken tea cups, hot glue and beads.

(tip from a reader: need to check out Switch lighting store in Cincinnati)

As for the baseboards, we learned the hard way that it is important to follow the directions and test a small area with the stain to ensure it works physically and emotionally.

Ours failed the latter test, being just enough off color from our floors to create tension.

Maybe we'll paint them white and be done with it.

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