Man, can I take a picture of your hair?

He said, “Sure.”

I went to the Artspace in Kansas City to see Art’s opening with the Charlotte Street Fund on Friday. His collection of photographs were in their own room while the rest of the gallery was devoted to the other 6 painters, sculptors, and graffiti artists awarded grants.

I don’t often go to openings, so I wasn’t prepared for what to expect. What should I wear? I asked. Art told me I could wear my suspenders and jeans if I wanted to.


So we got there and chatted briefly with his parents and made our way to the beer after a quick tour of his photos. It was nice to meet his rep who didn’t even try to hit me up for buying one of his prints.

The crowd was cool and mixed. One lady, in a cowboy hat and sunglasses was three sheets to the wind and I enjoyed watching her. There’s only two reasons to wear sunglasses to a museum or a bar:

1.) You’re blind. or
2.) You’re an asshole

I think she was the latter, albeit a fun-to-watch asshole. I think she got kicked out for doing too many drugs upstairs, Art says that this colors the evening inappropriately. He doesn’t think drugs were involved.

Got to meet some of the nice folks that work with Art and talked to a handful of people I didn’t know just for the heck of it.

This one kid with frizzed out afro-like hair was not shy about my request to document his head.

A good opening, and in suspenders no less.

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A keeper

Thanks Brian

T-shirts on the brain.

Wanna get back on the silkscreen press.

Got package from Brian with my sketch wonderfully transfered on to a shirt.

This is going in the vault for sure.

Rainy drive home

View through the windshield

The wind is HOWLING here, moving bits of the house around that aren’t attached very well. The rain comes and goes.

I wish I could record sounds with decent fidelity.

Work was good mid-Ohio.

Drove back listening to a mix CD in the works, deciding that three songs need to be cut due to too much audio variation. I’ve no desire to tweak, I’ll just find more songs.

I wrote things on the back of a checkbook that I thought were really interesting.

When I got home and fed myself for the calories, they were no longer interesting.

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The bookshelf is sagging

Much appreciated

Print is far from dead. As nice as it is to put my paws on a PowerBook, it’s hard to beat the tactile nature of a real book.

They don’t require batteries either.

I’ve got a pile on the coffee table and bedside that I haven’t dug into proper. I figure I’ll be able to get a few tackled during some long flights.

  • Paint by Number William L. Bird, Jr. (The source of the image above)
    A trip down memory lane. Well crafted and designed to boot. I’m trying to think if there are any recent crafty crazes (aside from "scrapbooking") that inspires folks to turn off the tube and use unearthed artistic talents.

  • A Home at the End of the World Michael Cunningham
    The author of The Hours coupled with mini-review by Bitbear was all I needed to pick this up as a travel companion.
  • The Protectors Dave Brown
    Cowboy serial smut I’ve been following, however this one is tougher to get into because there’s this strange twist of time travel mixed in with the man love.
  • Coming into the Country John McPhee
    Another recommendation that is a pleasure to read, also going in the travel bag.
  • Peanuts – The Art of Charles Shultz Edited by Chip Kidd
    The upcoming Peanuts books, brought to my attention by Rootbeer1, made me take pause as I passed the humor section in the store. Not what I was looking for, but what a wonderfully designed piece. Moments before I was wondering what Chip Kidd was up to (a great book jacket designer most famous for the Jurassic Park logo)
  • Designing with Web Standards Jeffery Zeldman
    This is a great introduction to the different "standards" facing developers and designers. I haven’t gotten into it far enough to prove its worth, but it seems to be the most valuable of the (techincal) bunch. Plus, it was 30% off at Barnes and Noble. Discount = good.
  • Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide O’Reilly
    More for reference than for reading. It will go on the shelf at the studio.
  • HTML for the World Wide Web with XHTML and CSS Elizabeth Castro
    I enjoy the approachability of the Visual Quickstart Guides. This one seems the most rudimentary, but again, it’s nice to have on the shelf when noggin scratching.
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Shoe found

Solid, dependable, resoled many times.

The shoe was under a pillowcase at the edge of my bed. I was folding laundry, picking out stuff for Goodwill, and found it.

Do I feel better? Yes. I hate the nagging feeling of something lost.

These were my Dad’s workshoes in the 70’s. I asked if I could have them as I left for college ’cause I thought they were so cool. He had a new pair he was breaking in and they became mine.

I’ve had them resoled a few times, bought countless laces, and wear them proudly. This was the height of Doc Martens, so my inner individualist was satisfied. They’re timeless and I hate to think of the day I have to retire them for good.

Like I should have with 501s, whenever I see things I really like these days, I stockpile them:

  • Olive Oil soap
  • Blank white CD-Rs
  • Those Steve Maddens that look like soccer shoes
  • That over-the-shoulder satchel from the Yak Pak store (heavily discounted)
  • The ginger dressing I found at the market

I have multiples of all these things, just waiting in the wings, ready to combat the advancement of design that will surely drive me bonkers.

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Boring patterns

What to wear today, brown, tan, beige or taupe…

So I’m hanging up shirts from the wash, starting to make a mental list of all the things I need to pack for upcoming trips: first to Kansas City, then to Europe.

In between, I need to make pitstops in Columbus for work.

This harried schedule doesn’t bother me at all, but something else is – and I’m having a whale of a time trying to put my finger on it.

I’m feeling… inept.

Not sure why that word seems right, but I assume it’s just a natural vibe I will shake.

I find myself digging into projects to help combat the blues:

  • Work of course, has it’s share, but I really try to limit that to work hours. I have bought a few books about designing with standards that I’m hoping to get through. The new Photoshop has some nice features and productivity enhancements I’d also like to get a handle on.
  • Christmas is coming, and I tend to make a few gifts, so that is lingering with lists yet completed.
  • Site Update I’m trying desperately to get my photos from my LAST trip posted, to no avail. I’ve cropped and titled 150 pictures out of 1100.
  • Consolating Some videogames are getting sorely neglected, the least of my worries.
  • Organize I can’t find one of my favorite shoes. I’ve lost just one of the pair. This makes me want to clean out closets and get sweaters from the basement pulled out for winter. Then, I’d like everything to be in it’s place. Ordered and folded. How do you lose ONE shoe?

These “projects” seem to skirt the funk. But maybe that’s all I need to do. The valleys are always followed by peaks. This is one pattern on which I can rely.

If only I could play twenty questions with myself and figure out what it is and move on.

Link of the day 20 Questions Think of an object and the A.I. will try to figure-out what you are thinking by asking simple questions. (Thanks to Wendy for the link)

Oh yeah, please don’t comment about my funk. I’m very sensitive about it.
Instead, think of a naughty word when playing 20 questions.

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Meredith Baxter-Birney burning

I’m trying to get my shit in one sock for some upcoming travel. My mind keeps wandering as I try to figure stuff out.

This mental lollygagging is not helping the simple tasks of laundry, garbage collection or dinner preparation.

I decided to burn something.

The fake log designed to clean the chimney flue seemed appropriate.

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Turn around bright eyes

Nothing I can say, a total eclipse of the … bad 80’s song now stuck in my head

Dogs are barking down the street as the dark umbral shadow of the earth creeps across the surface of the moon.

There are no prospects for romance this evening, though i did get wood.

A fire sounded nice, I thought.

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Be good for goodness sake.

Raise your hand if you wanna skip outta work and see a movie

Heather Dave and I went over to Kentucky and had a looooong lunch then went to the nice theater with the stadium seating and cupholders to see Elf.

I haven’t gotten so choked up with joy through a movie in a long time. Not just side-aching funny tears but that burning behind the eyes of nostalgia long erased by thinking Santa is not real.

The love interest, Zooey Deschanel has a super sweet singing voice too. Pair her with Leon Redbone and chills run up the hairs on my forearms.

Maybe it’s ’cause we need a little cheer these days. Maybe it’s that I identified with Will Ferrell’s Buddy the elf way too much. Maybe it’s the little kids in the theater went “eeeeeew” when Will and Zooey kissed.

But it was good, and now I wanna get a big ol scarf and heavy coat and starting singing Christmas carols.

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Schlockin’ Y’all

Brought to you courtesy, of the red, orange, yellow, green, purple and blue

I really love the single “I Love this Bar.”

However, without aid of any legal internet downloads, I picked up Toby Keith’s new album on Tuesday with little insight. I think I know why it wasn’t available online… If I had the option to just buy one song, I would have.

Only the lyrics from Toby Keith’s stellar disappointment provide any redeeming characteristics.

The undertones of homo are ripe, I know all that good-ol boy schtick is just part of the drag.

Some revealin’ tidbits:

I like my truck. I like my girlfriend. I like to take her out to dinner. I like a movie now and then. But I love this bar

Translation: Of course he simply likes those things but LOVES this bar. He gets to hang out with cowboys, blue-collar boys, rednecks, truckers, bikers, and *ahem* suckers.

I think I found me a country boy, let’s get out of here

Translation: This nugget, from the song that rhymes babelicious and delicious, is pretty clear to me.

Me and the boys we made alot of noise (in bed) And we sang all our songs for free
We partied through college, aquired some knowledge. Never did get a degree.
We did it our way
(wink wink) looking back on the good days

Translation: He’s clearly not happy with the present, or his girlfriend.

Then I handed him my money, and he sized me up

Translation: You go Toby! Work it!

The rest of the album is pretty forgettable too. He touches upon his Jesus complex, throws in more flag waving than a Lee Greenwood album, and admits that he can’t handle his weed.

Too bad the music is crap and he can’t write a song by himself, but it is great to hear Toby getting in touch with his inner fag.

Link of the day Church Sign Generator It’s true. You can put your own custom message on a church sign! Praise be!
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