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April 04, 2005


I disgress progress

Spring is here and I figured it was a good time for a haircut. Might as well look proper for a new Driver’s License photo to boot.

‘Sides, I like visiting my barber in Kentucky.

She exclaimed during my stint in the chair that I’m due for some rough times ahead, which isn't something anyone wants to hear. This can't be, I protest. This is my Jesus year.

Maybe she was speaking metaphorically. Silver hairs are starting to creep along the sides of my head, and they are going to be unruly she says — sticking out, not tameable, coarse...


While razoring up my neck she reminded me not to jerk around because if I get cut and sue, I wouldn't get much. “Just me and two dogs... and we eat well.”

Speaking of her dogs, I snapped a photo of her mutt by the name of Bear. Sweet pup.

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March 19, 2005

The new rain dance

The parade of the dilapidated plush Disney characters

I'm thinking that if we ever need precipitation, I just need to go through a car wash.

Now it's raining.

I'm glad I went yesterday though. I was fretting about all the road salt build-up on the ride.

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February 28, 2005

Ready for March

Token shot from reflected water

I felt out of touch and turned on the news tonight. Big mistake. Took me all of 3 minutes to hit the "favorite" button on the remote and land on the Ovation channel. They were broadcasting a show called "Modern Times - Bare," and I'd like to offer some images, but their website looks like it was made about 8 years ago, with the depth of content I'd expect from a GeoCities page.

The only information provided was this blurb: A look at living within a carefully crafted and controlled minimalist environment.

I drooled over the stark simplicity of a home they were touring with the architects. As much crap as I've gotten rid of over the years, I'm far from being there.

Speaking of Being There, I should talk with more economy. Folks might think I'm smarter.

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February 26, 2005

I coulda been a contender

I took a picture, it'll last longer

I got my haircut and beard trimmed major. I told my barber that I need to look mildly respectable for my big shot at reality tv.

See, I think I'd make a great apprentice for Martha Stewart. I've got sensitivity toward design, and I've been a business owner for over 8 years. Oh the list goes on and on why I'd be a great match.

I didn't fill out the application. I figure I would just drive up to Columbus Ohio for the open call and get my wrist band, then sit in a cozy corner filling it out, play with my laptop, read a book, eat a candy bar, that sorta thing.

I wake up super early (for me) and iron some duds, previewed with friends last night who thought I looked like I had an extreme makeover.

I drove up and got there only to find it bitter cold, and a long line outside.

I hollered above everyone, "Is this where we get wristbands?" Everyone looked at me with fear. They knew I would easily beat them. What they didn't know is that I have a few triggers.

I can handle almost anything in life. Death and taxes are even tolerable. But standing in a line? I can't do it.

I don't think Martha would either, and that's exactly why we would've been perfect for each other.

So I took some photos and drove back home—all before noon. Now I'm putting my baseball hat back on and untucking this shirt.

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February 11, 2005

Cupid threw up in the grocery store

Clean up in aisle one

I almost freaked in the grocery late this afternoon. Right when you walk in there's this whole... forest of Valentine’s Day baloney. I feel slightly sorry that this woman got caught in front of my lens. She was perfectly innocent.

There was some guilt that I should get something for my significant other, but I don't have one and even dating these days is a tricky word. I'm very sensitive not to destroy the sanctity of marriage.

And I know I shouldn't dis a holiday where you let someone know you care, even though you might want to let them know more often. If there are special savings on flowers I suppose it's an economy of scale. All is not bad.

So I'm single, and they don't have Hallmark holidays for single people.


Basically a tragedy.

Then again, airfares and restaurants don't have specials for us loners either. Table for one? Right this way sir... Would you like a magazine or newspaper so you won't have to see the pitied looks from other patrons? Excellent. Perhaps a copy of Maxim?

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February 08, 2005

Unnecessary bargains

Valentine discounts through Sunday

I quietly told myself a while ago that I wasn't going to write about consumption as much. No entries about things to buy or movies watched. As you can see, that didn't really work. I was going to focus on you know, the bits of life that were unique to me.

There's certainly lots that accumulates in the day to day, but having some sense of privacy is good. I think Jerry Blank has it down pat with a secret diary under her pillow.

Anyhow, I went to Target tonight, for no reason other than it was not my apartment. I exhibited restraint and walked out only with generic mouthwash and milk.

The whole place seemed foreign. Do 12 year old girls really want Pink Panther panties? I'm at a loss.

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January 01, 2005

I lost my camera


I wasn't sure how to artfully reveal that, on New Year's Eve, I got Chris Glass Drunk (CGD). It's an endearing term that my friends use, and I should add, not very often. It roughly means all inhibition is gone and you have to watch out for tackle hugs and drool. I also find myself waking up in very odd places. In college, it was on the kitchen counter with my ass in the sink. Luckily, I had pants on.

I didn't pay attention to the Guided By Voices last show at all. Instead, I paw'd and accosted the wife of one of my best friends from college. Don't think we weren't on the same wavelength. We were just happy to see each other and refills of Red Bull with vodka.

So as we left the concert early, I figure I left my ol' trusty Sony Cybershot DSC-F717 in a cab. Which cab company? I don't know.

I'm (trying) not to regret it. That camera knocked off over 13,000 photos over the past two years, and I think I squeezed every ounce of joy from it. Knobs were worn off, the memory stick issue was re-emerging. It was tired.

I hope that someone else finds it, and gets a kick outta the photos on it from new years eve. And then uses it.

I had a blast, and it was a great way to cap off a year that was sorta heavy at times.

No fear, I've already got my eyes set on a replacement.

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December 27, 2004


Some days it's just this exciting.

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December 01, 2004


Not my tree

I have an aversion to the post office, though with a PO Box I have to visit it with more frequency.

I bet the postal lady hates me, how I let the box get so chock full that I have to take out pieces at a time cause it's so packed with crap for credit cards and subscription packages for Men's Health emblazoned with "FOR MEN ONLY" on the envelope.

Some things I don't throw away. Like Christmas cards. See, I have this weird phobia where I can't destroy anything that someone writes on. It must be stored, or the bond between us will die. I make crap up like this to add complication to life.

Save your cards. It's too much pressure, and I just can't bear the thought of more boxes.

We need new holidays. One for guilt, another for admiration and a few more to revere fetishes and quirks.

Oh wait, that's Christmas.

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October 13, 2004

Donuts on your lawn

Yeah, black and white helps this photo.

My few weeks off of journaling the day to day, and I had one of those days that really need not be recorded. Take a picture, slop on some old song lyrics and blah blah blah.

I picked up Paper Mario 2 during lunch and saw this Camaro outside the game store. Sadly, it was a gray day and that was about the only cool thing I came across.

Unless you count all these new market specific aggregate blogs from Gawker media—like this car one called Jalopnik that featured a glimpse of what a new Camaro might look like.

Oh, I didn’t open the mario game, I'm on a roll with work, so I decided it could wait.

The only other interesting thing I can note here, is that while looking up the Dead Milkmen lyrics, I finally realized what they shout at the end of Bitchin Camaro.

I'm drunk on unleaded!

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September 28, 2004

White noise

Covers up the noise from the bar at night

Sometimes I will take a photo with the explicit knowledge of what I am going to write about. I'll manipulate the image to coincide with some notion I've been fiddling with for a piece.

Other times, I sift through a handful of photos from the day and the point or event becomes apparent.
And then there’s the times I have some idea, and I find some oblique way to tie it into something found and handy. I go through the bother of getting the settings right on the camera. Download the image and totally forget what I was going to say.

This means the day was obviously uneventful and I should leave it at that.

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September 04, 2004

Wal-Mart at night

Somewhere in southwest Pennsylvania

I'm not going to shop there, just thought the lights made an interesting pattern while passing through.

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August 14, 2004

What happened to the old fridge

It's a bar. It's a casket.

It's a frickin‘ eyesore, and a danger.

At 4am, after the bars closed, I heard this loud banging noise down in the back of my house. Kids, I'll call them kids 'cause I'm curmudgeonly now, they were yelling in between the whacks. Drunken screams from girls, "Ohhhh you're so strong."

The brunt of this recklessness was the old fridge from my apartment. They'd knocked it over and commenced to beat it up.

I got out a flashlight and aimed it out the window at them. They dispersed quickly.

Now it sits back there, in the poison ivy patch of the alley courtyard, holding up a beer bottle. I guess the good thing is that it's on its side now, unable to cause harm to real children.

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July 26, 2004

Order here

At the Big Boy drive-thru

Picked up a sandwich for dad. I'm spending the night with him out at my sister's place which now has a wireless network thanks to my brother.

I forgot my toothbrush.

I should buy stock in Oral B.

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July 24, 2004


In the alley

I am determined to learn how to use CSS and proper validated code for design.

Aside from setting that goal, I spent most of my day working on an email spam thing and grimaced that I wasn't doing the right thing.

And then I ate pizza.

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July 10, 2004


Liquid fairy

I got up and had cereal that tasted like Super Sugar Smacks, but was of a healthy variety (or so the packaging would leave me to believe). Everyone was at work so I had to find ways to entertain myself, so I did some dishes. All the soaps in this place come from fantastic far-off lands like England or Germany.

Somehow, different just seems better.

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April 28, 2004


Red Roof Inn

So I never plan anything. First thing I do when I get to the gig in Columbus, I reserve a hotel room online. Sadly, the place I normally stay was booked. Hmph.

This is where I remind myself, I need to plan sometimes. Shrug.

So I found space at the Red Roof Inn across the street.

Verdict: Having pay-per-view movies almost makes up for no high speed net access. Continental breakfast points for packaged muffins and danish. I stuffed my computer bag full of 'em.

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April 27, 2004

Ice Machine

Bored in a hotel

I watched Big Fish on pay per view tonight, and thought little of it, til the last scenes. Then streaming tears let loose. My glasses steamed up, so I took them off, and realized I could see clearly.

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April 09, 2004

Design on a dime


I took lots of photos again today up in Columbus. This time I tried to capture marketing materials for presentations. Normally, screenshots or "grabs" are used and all the stuff just looks... fake.

It was nice to go around the office and find volunteer hand models.

Aside from these shots, I was diggin' the carpet samples one of the designers are using to line the floor of her office. Twelve for five bucks go a long way. I hear there are refined carpet tiles that provide a more seamless look, but not for this price.

I only document this as an inspirational reminder to find something for the cold drafty floor in my living room.

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March 22, 2004

Don't paint brick

Really, don't paint brick unless you really really have to...

Ugh... Coming into work this morning, I see they are testing out paint in the lobby. This building, full of character and a freight elevator with accordion door, and here they are trying to fuck it up.

Great... Now I'm going to have to look at the color scheme of McDonald's diarrhea on the way to the studio.


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March 20, 2004


35" x 84"

Naked dancing may now commence.

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March 15, 2004


Not so candid cameras

Monday, March 15 – Today was spring-like. No one would believe we'd have several inches of snow to brush off the car the next day.

I went in to work and did lots of stuff.

Lunch at the downtown mall was icky. The food sucked and the people watching was abysmal. Everyone in their suits and ties and fluorescent kissed pallor.

Made a visit to the post office and the bank. In the latter, I noticed all the cameras they had set up behind the tellers.

It seemed inefficient, and I could only imagine the sheer amount of video data they collected. I then wondered how long they keep those tapes.

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February 27, 2004

Float on

This picture looks fake

The day started in Columbus and it was a better day. I sped back to Cincy for an appointment, ate Chipotle with a book.

Picked up the local free press - there's a lead story about the community I'm moving into, how diverse and up-and-coming it is...

I got the key for my new digs. Mom and bro came over, took measurements for blinds. A fret – my couch. The entry is in an alley, and it opens directly into a stairwell wall. *feh*

I bought the new Modest Mouse song with a Pepsi cap. Their new single has a rowdy drunken fist waving swagger with a yelp vibe - it has entered high rotation on my personal chart.

I'm not sleepy right now. Luckily I found the Tylenol PM from the European trip.

That pretty much sums up the day. Oh, other than, I feel like a product of consumerism as well as an insomniac.

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February 25, 2004

Business, buttons, bottle caps and boxes.

Geek tip: To make a heart in HTML, simply type & h e a r t s ; (without spaces)

Work up north started off a little rough today, it's odd how absence makes the ♥ less fonder. I was getting a little upset and I regained some zen, putting things into perspective, trying to understand the real issues. Some regrouping of goals and prioritizing was in order.

I'm continually amazed though, how quick things change. How expectations shift. How business tends to linger on the negatives, instead of positives.

The upswing was a moment when Alex shared a button her husband gave her. It lightened my mood (and allowed me to check off the mental to-do of taking an image to capture the day.)

I stopped by a convenience store on the way to my hotel and picked up two Pepsi®s, making sure to tilt the bottle and ensure I had winners for songs on iTunes.

This weekend, I pack. Monday, I move.

Good thing the new place has a tub, I'm getting me a big box of Calgon.

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January 06, 2004

Homeland Security, solved

Homeland Security Systems: At the drivethrough in McDonalds

Of all places, who'd a thought that the golden arches held the secret to homeland security.

I should pass the phone number along to the current (dare not say his name) administration.

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December 29, 2003

View from the back

Karate chop stalk

Behind my house is the community center where they have pool aerobics for old folks in the early mornings of summer. I watch them do their synchronized arm waving and make a mental note to crash the party sometime.

Summer's over though. I'll have to wait.

During the winter, it gets relatively quiet, but through the trees, I can see into the windows. They've just started (or I've just started noticing) the karate class, or some fancy new name for karate-type stuff.

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December 25, 2003

Wrapping up

Dreaming of a Beige Christmas

I'm done scouring my house for things I don't need that look relatively unused.

It was tough getting all the built-up crusty tootpaste out of the Sonicare, but I think I did a convincing job. With my new Sonicare Elite, that old one would have surely gathered dust.

The shrink-wrap machine was overheating from all the repackaging of videogames I hated and accidental CD purchases.

And finally, I can get rid of those sweaters and shirts that don't suit my fancy.

I love Christmas. It's such a great way to purge.

Song of the day O Holy Night If this doesn't get you in the Christmas spirit, well, then, I suppose you are still okay. ( Link props to bearlover )

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December 19, 2003

In excess


On the way to lunch, I spotted this monstrosity looming on the curb in Columbus.

I wonder if the folks that rent these are doing it for the sheer audacity.

I'm sure if I was the type to go all out for prom, I'd consider this option, just for giggles.

I wasn't the type that went all out for prom though.

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November 10, 2003

Shoe found

Solid, dependable, resoled many times.

The shoe was under a pillowcase at the edge of my bed. I was folding laundry, picking out stuff for Goodwill, and found it.

Do I feel better? Yes. I hate the nagging feeling of something lost.

These were my Dad's workshoes in the 70's. I asked if I could have them as I left for college 'cause I thought they were so cool. He had a new pair he was breaking in and they became mine.

I've had them resoled a few times, bought countless laces, and wear them proudly. This was the height of Doc Martens, so my inner individualist was satisfied. They're timeless and I hate to think of the day I have to retire them for good.

Like I should have with 501s, whenever I see things I really like these days, I stockpile them:

  • Olive Oil soap
  • Blank white CD-Rs
  • Those Steve Maddens that look like soccer shoes
  • That over-the-shoulder satchel from the Yak Pak store (heavily discounted)
  • The ginger dressing I found at the market
I have multiples of all these things, just waiting in the wings, ready to combat the advancement of design that will surely drive me bonkers.

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November 09, 2003

Boring patterns

What to wear today, brown, tan, beige or taupe...

So I'm hanging up shirts from the wash, starting to make a mental list of all the things I need to pack for upcoming trips: first to Kansas City, then to Europe.

In between, I need to make pitstops in Columbus for work.

This harried schedule doesn't bother me at all, but something else is - and I'm having a whale of a time trying to put my finger on it.

I'm feeling... inept.

Not sure why that word seems right, but I assume it's just a natural vibe I will shake.

I find myself digging into projects to help combat the blues:

  • Work of course, has it's share, but I really try to limit that to work hours. I have bought a few books about designing with standards that I'm hoping to get through. The new Photoshop has some nice features and productivity enhancements I'd also like to get a handle on.
  • Christmas is coming, and I tend to make a few gifts, so that is lingering with lists yet completed.
  • Site Update I'm trying desperately to get my photos from my LAST trip posted, to no avail. I've cropped and titled 150 pictures out of 1100.
  • Consolating Some videogames are getting sorely neglected, the least of my worries.
  • Organize I can't find one of my favorite shoes. I've lost just one of the pair. This makes me want to clean out closets and get sweaters from the basement pulled out for winter. Then, I'd like everything to be in it's place. Ordered and folded. How do you lose ONE shoe?
These "projects" seem to skirt the funk. But maybe that's all I need to do. The valleys are always followed by peaks. This is one pattern on which I can rely.

If only I could play twenty questions with myself and figure out what it is and move on.

Link of the day 20 Questions Think of an object and the A.I. will try to figure-out what you are thinking by asking simple questions. (Thanks to Wendy for the link)

Oh yeah, please don't comment about my funk. I'm very sensitive about it.
Instead, think of a naughty word when playing 20 questions.

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November 09, 2003


Meredith Baxter-Birney burning

I'm trying to get my shit in one sock for some upcoming travel. My mind keeps wandering as I try to figure stuff out.

This mental lollygagging is not helping the simple tasks of laundry, garbage collection or dinner preparation.

I decided to burn something.

The fake log designed to clean the chimney flue seemed appropriate.

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November 08, 2003

Turn around bright eyes

Nothing I can say, a total eclipse of the ... bad 80's song now stuck in my head

Dogs are barking down the street as the dark umbral shadow of the earth creeps across the surface of the moon.

There are no prospects for romance this evening, though i did get wood.

A fire sounded nice, I thought.

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November 06, 2003

Check the rearview mirror; Check the goldtooth display

Check out the odometer, I was on my way

I went back to the dentist yesterday and got a couple permanent crowns put over some back tooths.

Not being allowed to eat or drink for one hour following, makes everything sound delicious.

If I ever joined a protest, chain me to a tree. I'd be horrible at fasting.

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October 08, 2003

A headcold

Remove the vice from my head

I woke up after a poor nights rest, feverish, sandpaper throat. I wrote an email and backed out of driving up to Columbus. Whatever this is, should not be contained in cubicles or small offices.

I've spent most the day holding my sinuses.

Sat in a steaming bath for a good chunk of time.

Mustered up energy to see how nice it was outside to get some provisions.

Just got back from the local market where I picked up green onions to mix with ginger to boil for tea (thanks for the tip, paul).

While there, the juice bar beckoned. The fella behind the counter recommended some Elderberry Extract with Propolis in pure grain alcohol. He said, give it a try and you'll be better in two hours.

I can't resist advice like that, or grain alchohol.

P.S. Sting, stop making music.

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September 28, 2003


Big n Tall

The new grocery/megastore (Meijer), also has clothing. I wandered all the aisles seeing what they had that I didn't need, and I came across a display of flannel shirts with a Big and Tall sign.

A little yeehaw inside and three Extra Large Tall shirts went in the cart.

If you looked like a plumber with your asscrack showing most of the time, you'd yeehaw inside too at this find.

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