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March 04, 2010

Ignite Cincinnati

Kate's random shoes-ings

Ducked out of work a few minutes early to head down to the Know Theatre in Cincinnati to catch the second Ignite Cincinnati thing.

What is this thing? 5 minute presentations, each with 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds. Topics are both voted on and curated, spanning the gamut from local, global, personal and business.

These events are happening all over (view a list of cities), and I think its pretty darn great. Get people together, share ideas and keep it tidy.

Oh, and there's beer. (Your mileage may vary)

The dozen or so presentations were varied, with touching, humorous and insightful moments. Sure some rolled better than others, but to nitpick would be a disservice to the notion.

Which makes me wonder, what would I say if I had 5 minutes and 20 slides? It's a great question to ask ourselves even outside the framework of an event like this or TED or that wedding toast.

I definitely wouldn't talk about consistent blogging or how to use an iron.

Anyway, it was a most excellent evening; I met lots of folks again or for the first time — and it got me to think.

Dunno when the next one will be but those sorts of details can be found on these websites: Ignite Cincinnati or Ignite (all over)

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October 17, 2008


Mom as earplugs

Concert last night was up and down pretty dang fantastic.
Weather cooperated with the air was perfectly autumn.
Bands sounded bang on with big juicy sets.

Friends and folks galore, many I hadn't seen in months and some I felt supremely lucky to meet for the first time. (Including the little fella pictured above.)

So the evening was all around sweet.
One couldn't ask for more.

Okay, I did want one of the super-fine event shirts designed by Caleb Halter, but I'm too big.
If you're of normal size, it's worth carving out some space in the closet for one.

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July 18, 2008

Images from the festival

1st ever (I think) Cincinnati T-Shirt Festival

So that was fun.

Hot — but fun.

We got to the square just as the sun started to beat down. Luckily there was a breeze and a crowd.

Lots of WOXY fans stopped by our tent. So many we ran out of shirts. (We'll remedy that problem tomorrow). These listeners define enthusiasm.

Also got to see folks from the online world that I've never met before proper. Reinforces my joy of the 'net and always brightens the day.

Overall? A success. And pretty fantastic to see the Square come to life at night with the bands of Indie Summer (see schedule).

Enough gushing, check out the threads and smiling faces:

Photos2008 Cincinnati T-Shirt Festival

Current music: Beastie Boys "The Sounds Of Science"

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April 03, 2008

here and there

All I wanted was a Pepsi, and she wouldn't give it to me. Just a Pepsi. (Not really, but it's a reference to a lyric I can't shake from time to time.)

Left work an hour early as there was a Fender amp emergency in Cincinnati. I went down with Tom and, crisis averted, we ran over to Northside for a fast run through of music shopping, food gathering, and lastly to drop off some goods for Scribe (at Feralmade, his show opens Saturday). Be sure to check out these 545 frames of him getting ready for the show.

Headed back to the city for the first night of the MusicNow Festival. Lots of visual and audio goodness commenced. I have to sort through it all, but tis time to jump on the road.

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March 27, 2008

Cincinnati becomes a destination city


It seemed most everyone I know was giddy about the new IKEA going up in West Chester. Only the Cincinnati Reds could garner more opening day fanfare.

I've never owned any of this cheap flat pack furniture from Sweden (aside from bulk bags of tea lights), but as one who hopes to become a home owner in this lifetime (more on that in a moment), this megastore can only mean good things.

Don't warn me about varying levels of quality—I often lease clothing from Old Navy—I have tempered expectations.

So after everyone and my mom went (she got the 99¢ breakfast last week with my brother), I finally made it there Tuesday with my friend Wendy.

Sore calves later, I was overwhelmed and not even through a third of the joint.

Looking mighty forward to going back, and maybe I'll buy something other than tealights (again). Oh, and if you go, there's some cuteness working the cafeteria. Grab some meatballs while you're there.

In other news, the house deal fell through after inspection because it is our destiny to experience every. single. facet. of this home-buying process. The only thing we have left on the list is to actually close on a house so I think this bodes well in the scheme of things.

PhotosBack to IKEA: I took a few photos, some are colorful

Current music: Death Cab For Cutie "I Will Possess Your Heart"

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February 11, 2008


Best viewed super-duper big: 3000 pixels wide

Saturday the sun was shining, clouds filled the blue sky, and though I had work to do, I carved out a slice of the afternoon to just be out and about.

After a much needed haircut down in Kentucky, I looped through Cincinnati before heading home. The light was still prime so I parked the car and rode the elevator up 45th floor of Carew Tower. A few flights of steps and two bucks later, I was on the windy observation deck looking down at the miniature skaters on the square, up north toward Over the Rhine, and all around.

I honestly was tryin to get a good shot of The Ascent in Northern Kentucky, but it wasn't happening from that vantage.

Post note: I switched servers over the weekend, if you find images are missing, hit refresh on your browser. If that doesn't work, drop me a line.

Current music: The National "Fake Empire"

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December 07, 2007


Inside the new restaurant down by the Aronoff Center

Caught The Drowsy Chaperone on Tuesday night. Dan's playing trumpet down in the pit.

Slipped over to the new restaurant by Chef David Falk (of BOCA) next to the theater—a joint called NADA serving Mexican fare. The interior is swank, but there's a casual vibe to the place. Though reservations are possible, it's more about walking in and sharing some food. I'd suggest anything with their guacamole, the sliders, and any of the mixed drinks on the cocktail menu.

As for the show, after the first song I shared a sidelong glance with my friend The Brown. She and I were skeptical. But the show eventually won us over with its sense of humor and quick clip.

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November 25, 2007

Light the Square

Tyler Davidson Fountain (wiki)

Friday night we bundled up and headed to Fountain Square to see 'em flip the switch on the Christmas Tree lights.

This was my first visit since the square was redesigned, and it might not have been the best way to experience the public space. It was packed and dark. And cold. And Santa was late. And someone was really butchering Christmas carols. And there weren't any chestnuts roasting on an open fire, or hot cocoa.

But it was nice to see the whole square filled with people. I bet if Macy's would have stayed open late that Black Friday, many would have done some shopping to warm up.

All my complaints and it was still a good evening. The skating rink opened up and I didn't lose my gloves.

PhotosFourteen snapshots of the chilly evening

Current music: Judy Garland "The Trolley Song"

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November 18, 2007

The Ascent

Covington, KY

Though I can't find verification, I always chuckle at what many think is a quote from Mark Twain:

When the world ends, I would like to be in Cincinnati, because it's always 20 years behind the times.
Sometimes I've heard it as 10 years behind, but It's funny either way.

I spent all day down there in my hometown. Lots of good work and enough time to squeeze in a haircut with my barber and snap this photo.

That twisty structure is the new Ascent condos being added to the Kentucky skyline. We consider this Greater Cincinnati because they get things done faster on that side of the river.

If it looks vaguely familiar, it might be because architect Daniel Libeskind is also working on the World Trade Center site in New York City.

Another connection of note (pardon the pun) is the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge (picture, history) that links Ohio to this part of Covington. Finished in 1866, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world at the time. Roebling used his knowledge here and went on to build the Brooklyn Bridge a few years later.

So maybe Twain was wrong. If you want to see what's going to pop up in New York City, look to Cincinnati.

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September 03, 2007

in my mom’s garden

fluttering around

Drove down to Cincinnati yesterday. Quick dinner with Ma then it was off to Miltons Tavern to watch the fireworks on TV.

Good times.

Current music: Beastie Boys "Suco De Tangerina"

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August 05, 2007


The goetta ring toss

After the movie, a group of fellas trudged through the intense heat of the night to check out the mini Goettafest in Newport, KY. Not familiar with goetta? It's meat and oats rolled up like sausage and you'll find its a staple of Cincinnati area cuisine—particularly greasy spoons. Wikipedia has a great history of it. I quite prefer the vegetarian version.

So there were rides, and vendors selling geotta ruebens, goetta balls, geotta pizza, geotta burritos, geotta hoagies, goetta pancakes, goetta fudge brownies... I could go on but I have to mention the goetta vending machine.

Photos Here's a handful of really dark photos poorly capturing the mayhem.

Current music: GBV "Sing For Your Meat"

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July 24, 2007


Cincinnati Opera at Music Hall

I've written before how I've never enjoyed opera.

I could be the curmudgeon who compares everything to rock and roll - that bombast with undecipherable lyrics, but I'll refrain tonight.

It was dress rehearsal for Aida. Dan had a pair of tickets as he's not only performing, but he's actually on stage! In costume! [ Go here to view the above photo uncropped—it looks better that way. Hover over the image to see where he's standing, then zoom in to realize you can't really see him at all, but all the costumes are awesome anyway. ]

Mom joined me for the evening. I hadn't known she'd seen this particular opera back when she was a kid—following along with a translation under the guidance of a particularly inspired language teacher. You just can't shake good learning experiences. (But I wouldn't want to give up the projected subtitles they have these days)

When Dan's stint was over, we considered leaving after the second intermission but hem-hawed only briefly. We really wanted to watch the entire performance.

This is a first for me.

Maybe it was having my mom there, or the sets, or the costumes, or having dancers from the Ballet onstage, or the music. Maybe I'm gaining a better understanding of performance in general because of American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance. Whatever the combination, I quite enjoyed this Cincinnati Opera.

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July 05, 2007

2007 Northside Independence Day Parade

Luchadores, Fantasticos de Northside!

Another year, another great parade.

The rain held back. I grilled meats. Mom made green beans. And there was a slew of other tasty tidbits, like these cupcakes (thanks Kate). Coolers were packed. Kids made bubbles. Adults blew horns. Politicians handed out stickers. Candy was thrown. I could go on and on.

Sadly missing, my sis and her family, and my brother Robert - but he sent a little video greeting so it felt like he was almost there. I did get the rare pleasure of seeing other brother Tom (we have the same glare).

Camera charged, there's some video floating around but I have to piece that together. Until then:

Photos Photos from the parade

Current music: Bloc Party "So Here We Are"

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June 13, 2007

pride, shirts, and movement

Cincinnati Pride 2007 - the parade goes by

Finally, a moment to reflect on this past weekend. This is going to be long (and terribly disorganized).

If you'd rather just see the photos, I didn't take many - but there's a small gallery here (with some choice shots for sure).


I like Pride. It's one of the rare times when you can be in a public crowd that probably didn't vote to take away anyone's rights. You might think that sounds silly, but voting statistics suggest more than half of the people in my state think gay folk should not have the same rights afforded to others.

Back in 2004, Cincinnati Pride had a large call to action to repeal Article 12 (an amendment to a Cincinnati ordinance that allowed no protection for those discriminated against because of their sexual orientation). That year it was repealed (though the margin should have been much larger).

This year we're out of the election cycle, so there wasn't too much ballyhoo from candidates. And maybe it was because the weather was absolutely spectacular, but this Pride seemed free of those heavy weights. It was joyous and fun. Then again, I didn't catch too much of the festivities as we worked it under the tent selling shirts.

And we saw a lot of smiles.

Folks would walk by and see the big type and break out in a grin. Then they'd get in closer and see some of the details of our work, strike up a conversation, maybe they'd buy something, maybe not. It was all good.

But this is not just about wearing your heart on your sleeve. It's something bigger and I'm still trying to get my arms around it. Maybe I need to examine that heavy weight.


When I first met a fine character by the name of Laurence H. Scott he was 68 years old and welcomed me into his Ann Arbor home for dinner. While his partner created a delicious meal, I toured the house and all the artifacts from their life together. They stood at the front of the lines through gay liberation in the late 60's and into the next decades.

A button on the fridge lodged in my mind. I've mocked it up to the best of my memory over there to the right. It struck me for its simplicity and I perhaps wondered at the time, in my fledgling delicate nature - did I have the gumption to wear that on my lapel?

Laurence passed on in 2005 and man I wish I could have spent more time with him. I would have asked him if he ever felt like his work was done. I'd imagine he would have said no. He witnessed the backsliding—how acceptance for all stripes of orientation was whittled away.

Maybe it was AIDS that gave rise to the ignorance and hatred. Maybe it was the release of Viagra that empowered flaccid self-proclaimed heterosexual males with political clout some confidence to point fingers and shun.

I'm reaching, but the hate - it happened. It's still happening.

So yeah. It was good to see some smiles this weekend.


While Wendy and I broke down the tent that evening, and I was coming back from a trip packing up our cars, she asked me if I saw the lady on the motorcycle who just rode through the park. I could see her bright orange shirt some 30 yards away. I waved my arms.

Her face brightened in that distance and she rode back to our spot. "I just wanted you to see how good my new shirt looks" and I asked to make a photo.

She beamed.

It was a perfect ending to the long day.


But the one of the most moving experiences wasn't mine.


After it was all over, I sat at home with Dan and had a beer, recalling the good bits while muscles pleasantly ached. He asked me if I ever went into the confessional tent. No, I hadn't, even though he prodded me to break away and go many times throughout the day.

Since I didn't, he felt it was okay to share what went down.

It wasn't a typical confessional booth, like I said it was a tent. He told me it was nice inside - gauzy draperies and a comfortable height. Candles lit. A woman sat opposite him and said (consider it with error as this is a game of telephone):

This is not a confessional for you, it is a confession for me.

I want to confess that, as a Christian, I know that you have been hurt by society and Christians in general, and I just want you to know that God loves you and I love you, and I'm sorry.

I just wanted to apologize for all of the wrongs that have been committed against you.

Dan, who grew up in a Catholic family, wiped away tears and asked why she was doing this.

I grew up in a conservative Baptist family that taught me certain people weren't deserving of love.

It took a long time to realize that these people were wrong.

She's been doing this for three Prides so far, and it's a part of the process to heal some of the harm that's been done.

Now I'm not one to pick apart anyone's beliefs (unless it affects me). To hear this, even second hand, was moving.

A movement in the right direction.

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May 02, 2007

Almost Germany

.Mental note: odd interpolation of pixels on those powerlines

The weather was postcard perfect on Sunday for the set up on the streets of O'Bryonville. This was our first time selling wares direct in meatspace, and man did we learn a ton. The fine folks at MiCA went to great lengths, providing a table, backdrop, tags, and tips.

Shared the sidewalk with Jenny from Three Sheets 2, maker of prints, pillows, and lots more excellent items (like bedding for instance). It brought a ray of hope that there are great people doing stuff they love here in the city of Cincinnati. Hope to cross paths more. Really, go check out her stuff.

I really need to flush out my adjectives, but I personally don't think one can overuse great, awesome, excellent, or fine – which is a funny word depending on inflection, but consider it drawn out and most positive in these instances.

Ma stopped by for a few and we rejoined later, enjoying dinner outside.

Again, excellent.

Current music: Beirut "Scenic world (Version)"

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April 29, 2007

MiCA and a Celebration of Spring

Selling in the real world

Landed last night, now headed out the door to enjoy this fine day outside on the streets of O'Bryonville for their Celebration of Spring. Carolyn and Michael of MiCA are letting us set up a table to share our shirts with folks and I'm pretty excited. And late! I gotta motor.

Stop on by:
MiCA, 2039 Madison Road - Cincinnati, OH 45208 (map)

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March 16, 2007

PNC Bank Bldg

I'll always call it the Central Trust Tower [ + ]

Vantage from a meeting downtown on this gray day. I wanted to go up on the observation deck, but I figure I'll wait for blue skies and white fluffy clouds.

Current music: Bee Gees "In My Own Time"

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March 12, 2007


from favorite bakery, Take the Cake, freshly moved to Northside

Friday was awesome.

Printed up some test shirts, broke out of the studio, and tooled around on what might have been the best day weather-wise yet this year. Blue skies, windows down.

Squared up some music, ate a delicious lunch, topped the latter off with a cupcake from the bakery mentioned above, headed over to O'Bryonville and had my inaugural visit to very neat contemporary craft store Mica.

I'm leaving a few bits out and blaming that on an equally packed weekend with the loss of an hour.

PhotosBecause photos are easier than words

Current music: Soul Coughing "Soft Serve"

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February 22, 2007


Even Rocky had a montage

No fog today—in fact, there was lots of nice light and blue skies.

I got to ride around in the passenger seat as a list of tasks were accomplished.

A quick stop at the record store, sandwiches to go, and it was back to the studio for an afternoon of more checkmarks off the list.

One big checkmark has four wheels and a horn, but I'm not jinxing anything until I have keys in my hand. Fingers crossed that's tomorrow night.

Until then: PhotosThe above photos, separated

Current music: The Grates "Inside Outside"

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February 01, 2007

It will be slightly interesting to look back

and see how much a 3 way cost in 2007 [ + stupid big zoom ]

Regular size: $4.69
Super size: $6.25

Current music: Panda Bear "Track Three"

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September 16, 2006

Kick Out The Jams

Bryan J, Shiv, Babs, & Mike [ + zoom ]

I suppose it's time to find a replacement for the "ON AIR" graphic on the website. The final stream of WOXY ended without a wimper, but a little Public Enemy, MC5, a few beers and some firm hugs.

But all was not sad. Spirits were positive and hopeful.

Add to the mix a the man who could give Moleskins a run for the money paid visit.

Draplin [ official DDC website ] soaks up the WiFi in the Lounge

Fresh on the 26th day of his 8 week 8 city tour, he brought stories from the American Sign Museum in my backyard (a place I am ashamed to say I have yet to visit), along with other tales of travel, Portland, and the finer things in life – like high thread-count sheets.

Backstory: My first (virtual) encounter with this hulking lumberjack of a guy (sadly bears, he's on a wife hunt) was his most excellent Gocco print at the Wurst Gallery. (Prints still available and exceedingly reasonable).

Nice to attach a handshake to the fine vector art.

We gathered a group from the radio station, and along with Mr. Draplin, extended the conversation over tasty foods at a groovy restaurant (in a neighborhood where you could buy 5 lofts for the price of 1 in a more magnetic city).

Good times.

UPDATE: The good news is, thanks to LaLa, WOXY rocks on.

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September 09, 2006

DJ Princess

behind the microphone [ +zoom ]

I went down to the radio station to take a few shots yesterday, and Babs was on duty. Even as the station gets ready to power-down and go off "air" this week, she still asks, "So what music have you been listening to lately?"

These people rock to their core.

She's heading off to Minnesota Public Radio to lend her sultry voice to The Current, so that's cool. (story here)

I hope to report future bright stories from these fine folks.

Until then, there are t-shirts .

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August 14, 2006

IKEA Cincinnati, and other local links

Skyline as seen from City View Tavern in Mt. Adams. Had drinks there this past Saturday, specifically: The Poor Man's Corona (Miller High Life Light with Lime, only 2 bucks)

Real quick, some stuff for Cincinnatians:

IKEA picks West Chester - Finally, we don't have to drive to PA or IL to furnish cheaply.

Alchemize moving to Northside - The bar with good taste in music but an unfortunate location moves to the my neighborhood.

Eminent domain abused - This could help folks all around the country, but an Ohio Supreme Court ruling says cities cannot take property by eminent domain and give it to a private developer. Sure Crate & Barrel is nice, but so are peoples' homes.

Midwest Culinary Institute - Offering reasonable cooking classes.

Dim Sum places in Cincinnati - not many to pick from, but certainly something I'd like to try here.

Lastly, Bengals have sold out all home games, and I still haven't been in the new stadium.

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August 03, 2006

I will make the cheercisions around here

...and I will deal with the cheer-onsequences

Another Reds game, this time with excellent seats (thanks Chris & Barb), oppressive heat, and then - the quick torrential downpour.

Almost a no-hitter for Maddux and the Dodgers (he made it through 6 innings). I should point out - I have no idea of all this baseball terminology, I eavesdrop.

We left after the 7th inning stretch, drenched – the rain delay in full effect. Caught the tail-end on the tube.

PhotosEven though we lost, I still took a few photos

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July 24, 2006

MIL 4, CIN 1

at the ballpark

I really do try and focus on the actual game, but baseball is so full of other stuff to watch.

In between the beers, today's fascination was the slow fade of cloud shadows as they passed over the stands and field. When that wasn't interesting, there was the crowd. Far from a sell-out, there were enough folks to obsess over.

He doesn't have a ring on, but she does. Are those their kids? Are they on a date?
He should apply sunscreen.
Poor kid, I don't think those tears will make mom cough up the money for a lemon ice.
Those lesbians over there look fun.
Sure is a lot of hair product.
That kid looks really bored.
Flip flops are in.
Man that beer cooler must be a bitch to tote around, even with that shoulder strap.

In other game news:

They replaced "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" with "God Bless America" and I'm not sure if that constitutes hat-taking-off.

Beer was 6 dollars. Seats start at 4.

The Reds lost.

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July 24, 2006

A Trip to Motown

with the Cincinnati Pops

Dan performed with the Pops last night at Riverbend - the place I used to work when I was old enough to pour beer. It was a fine summer job, especially whenever Jimmy Buffet came through town and super-drunk folks wearing zany hats would tip well.

Enough about that, the Pops concert was great. And though I'm not sure how "A Trip to Motown" would include two selections from Flashdance, I can't complain hearing “What a Feeling” fully orchestrated. Irene Cara would be pleased. (The other selection was Love Them which the Pops have previously recorded. If you have iTunes, here's a sample)

Music of Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding, and a new arrangement of "Birdland" rounded out the first half before The Contours took over the second.

Weather was unexpectedly good, I fear this implies more summer heat is on the way.

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July 22, 2006

Another trip to the waterpark

the wavepool waits

I was lucky to grab an unused season pass from friends so I am planning to go to Kings Island as much as possible this year.

Season pass technology has advanced and no longer does the plastic card contain your photo. They still take one mind you, it's just that it appears on screens at entry point scanning stations, which is a little sad ’cause I tried hard to make my mugshot completely horrific.

The waterpark was again fun. I rode that big funnel thing some more and hung out mainly with my friends in the kid areas. No lasting sunburn, so I deem the afternoon a success.

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July 09, 2006

I'm glad I didn't ride the Son of Beast

but the Tazmanian Typhoon pictured above was super fun

Went to Kings Island today and met up with friends at the water park. Sadly, they were leaving as their youngest was throwing up what appeared to be grapes and raisins in a beef broth.

They were on their way and I took off my shirt to show off my pear shape and try out the wave pool. It's like the ocean, but chloriney. Then over to the waterslide that ends with a toilet-like-flush through a 60 ft. funnel. FUN FUN FUN. Try and go backwards down it for added thrill. Here's a picture of it from a distance, not worthy for Flickr.

Over to the main park for coasters. (Dave, I finally rode the Italian Job and enjoyed it thoroughly.) I might attribute part of the joy from my friend screaming bloody murder in the seat behind me. Getting folks terrified of coasters on to even the "family rides" makes everything better.

About this time, a game of telephone had progressed around the park saying the train had come off the track to the Son of Beast. Not quite the case, but something did go wrong, sending a couple dozen folks to the hospital.

Last but not least, bottled soda is now $3.25 from vending machines. Pack frozen water bottles.

[+ 6 more shots]

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July 04, 2006

Independence Day Parade 2006


So I can't see my mom having too much issue with this photo. I mean, look at her expression. My brother? He's focused.

The Northside parade was once again, a good time. The rain cleared up and it wasn't awful humid. There was lots of stuff to nibble on and wash down with sweet tea. Candy thrown. Old favorites and lots of new entries from neighborhood businesses. You could say it was a corporate parade - but the way they went about it made the whole notion of patriotism homegrown.

I think next year, if I don't make a float, I'll get off the sidelines and try for close up photos.

PhotosSpeaking of photos, there are lots more.

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June 24, 2006

Desdemona Festival

Sawyer Point Park, Cincinnati

This marks the first year for the indie rock festival organized by Nick Spencer - a strong proponent of advancing Cincinnati as not only a destination, but a place to live.

And though Pitchfork said of the fest, "good luck with that" - the clouds parted ways of impending storm, and luck was indeed had.

I went down last night to find easy parking and a small but good sized crowd, excellent burgers, and short beer lines.

Caught a bit of Margot and the Nuclear So and So's, Northern State, The High and Low, and Apples in Stereo. For complete coverage, I can't recommend highly enough Good Hodgkins who came down to report from Cleveland (and takes EXCELLENT photos).

WOXY was there as well, my hub for information, general dish, food recommendations, and overall good time.

Then there was the highlight: as I was off to the right of the stage snapping photos, I get approached by a fellow Croc wearer, "Are you Chris Glass?" At this point my brows likely twisted into that look indicating memory access.

Turns out she knows me from the journal (a former Cincinnatian), just moved from Germany to San Diego, and is a fellow blogger and Flickr(er). We've crossed paths virtually a few times, but meeting someone in real life tends to help cement a connection (but in Kell's words: not in a Kathy Bates / Misery kind of way).

If the New York trip wasn't already a great reminder, this was another experience where I am glad to be online, in the company of good people.

Tonight: a bit more of Desdemona, then an unlikely music pairing with Pollard and Pearl Jam at the arena next door.

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June 13, 2006

DF: Idiots on Parade

A snippet of a piece by keithjive

Shake It, the better-than-a-record-store, just released what I believe is the first book on their Shake It Ink imprint—producing DF: Idiots on Parade, a book of graffiti (legal and less so).

I went to the opening at Power House Factories, enjoyed their space, saw works and artists up close, and was pleasantly reminded there's a vibrant scene of talented folks in the area.

I need to get out more.

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June 03, 2006

pull-tab lottery cards

littering the floor of the "gambling" tent at the St. Jude Bridgetown Festival

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April 18, 2006


Downtown (bigger)

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March 08, 2006


Through grimy car window at highway speed

If I looked through the viewfinder, now that would be unsafe.

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February 26, 2006

2006 Cincinnati Auto Show

At the convention center

I didn't spend as much time at this year's show, part of that not feeling so well on Friday. But I did get to see a good share of things on my list.

I suppose we don’t get the cream of the concept crop—sadly missed were the Dodge Challenger and Chevy Camaro. But that's okay, as I tend to like production cars.

The biggest let-down was not fitting in the Toyota Prius. The roof line is too low for my freak height.

No, I take that back, the biggest disappointment was the interior of the new Passat. I haven't been following its evolution up close and personal, but I can say the amount of spank and curves inside was dismal.

Enough of the negative, highlights included: The Toyota Camry and Yaris. The Honda Odyssey (not necessarily new, but I haven't sat in one), and the VW Golf was pretty much pleasing all around.

PhotosPhotos from the 2006 auto show

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